The average person has about 48.6 thoughts per minute according to the Laboratory of NeuroImaging at the University of Southern California.

If more than 90% of my thoughts are the same ones I had yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and all the days before that, how can I let go of this old pattern?

How can I change if I continue to think the same old thoughts? If my thoughts always lead me to the same old experiences?

It is said that our thoughts, actions, and emotions are connected, and that this connection causes the body to react through our biology and biochemistry: hormones and other messengers are released, neurological networks spark, and even our DNA responds.

But what if we are not responding solely to our brain? What if the body can bring its own natural forces into flow? What if we can experience an awareness that brings our soul, spirituality, and physicality, into alignment?

How Much Information is Created

The first time I experienced the New Equations Spiritual Postures, I encountered another intelligence. It felt as if my mind and my thoughts stopped for a short time. This moment felt confusing, but then amazing perception followed that did not fit with any of my thoughts. Nevertheless, at the same time, it felt natural and affirming. My body responded with an astonishing Yes!

Could it be that my mind is not who I am? Could it be that my mind is not the source of my intelligence? Could it be this simple? My experience with the Spiritual Postures had encompassed my whole body . . .

I am in the process of deepening my first experience, and along the way I am discovering a world that seems like it knows me, and is liberating. It is in harmony with an inner truth that is allowed to be lived in an individual way.

Fabian smiling and holding tea

Hans-Peter Kraus

Hans-Peter Kraus, Soultype 5, is certified in the NEATO Level 2 – New Equations Expansion program. He enjoys linking bridges that create a balance between different perceptions. Hans-Peter lives on the border triangle of Germany, Switzerland, and France, near Freiburg (Black Forest), Germany.