A New Dawn – Soultyping In Egypt

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A New Dawn – Soultyping in Egypt

Alan Teaching on Afandina

Alan Sheets holding a workshop in Egypt with volunteers from the New Equations Foundation 


It’s amazing to think that exactly one year ago volunteers for the New Equations Foundation were sailing on the Nile through Egypt! In celebration of our one year anniversary, I would like to share with you a Soultyping™ experience from our trip.

As some of you may know, the New Equations Foundation would not have been able to travel to Egypt – with the many life changing experiences we had – if not for the brilliant Mohamed Nazmi, owner of Quest Travel. Because of the incredible kindness and generosity of Mr. Nazmi, we were granted the privilege of sailing on The Afandina, the magnificent boat he built himself.


The Afandina on the Nile


Because of everything that Quest Travel had provided for us, Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey, the founders of the New Equations Foundation, wanted to do something for Quest Travel. They gave a gift from the soul – the beautiful experience of being Soultyped™ – and held a workshop for Mohamed and our wonderful Quest Travel guides. They realized that with both the calmness of the Nile and the soothing New Equations Music™, it was an extraordinary place for a Soultyping™ experience.

With the volunteers gathered around, Mohamed, and our guides Hatem Ali and Emil Shaker, were Soultpyed™. First up was Mohamed. He was quite excited to see what we do and to hopefully have some fun with Alan in the process. (Mohamed is the only person I’ve ever met who can get Alan to follow orders – Well done, Mohamed, well done!) Alan Soultyped™ Mohamed as a Soultype™ 8. Alan gave Mohamed an experience of his spiritual strength – a person’s spiritual strength is always much stronger than their physical strength. Alan showed Mohamed the beauty of what it means to be an 8.


Alan Sheets soultyping Mohamed on Afandina in Egypt Alan Sheets soultyping Mohamed on Afandina in Egypt


Next was Hatem (left) – our main tour guide for the trip. Just like Mohamed, Hatem has a heart as big as the world, not to mention he saved us countless times from embarrassing ourselves, being arrested, and walking into traffic…. (Thanks Hatem!) Our other (very witty) tour guide, Emil Shaker (right), was also typed as a Soultype™ 8.


Alan Sheets soultyping Hatem on Afandina Alan Sheets teaching workshop Afandina Egypt Emil Shaker


Upon learning that he is a Soultype™ 7, Hatem showed us one of his favorite pictures of himself – with an inexplicable falcon of light cast across his Portal 7 spot – magical!

Hatem Ali with Falcon light shape on Portal 7


Alan and Siska loved Soultyping™ our new Egyptian friends. We not only had a journey of a lifetime, but met beautiful people who became our family as they guided us through Egypt.  


Jenna Tovey-New Equations Happiness Blogger


– Jenna

  [Soultyping photo credits: Kaja Magnussen]

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  • Siv Roland

    Siv RolandJan 25, 2016 2:26 am

    This trip was incredible from when we arrived in Cairo until we left. The magic of being on the Afendina and experience this Soultyping of these wonderful souls was amazing. Thank you Jenna for making this post and thanks to Siska and Alan, without you it would not have happened :-)

    • Jenna

      JennaJan 25, 2016 10:30 am

      Your welcome Siv! It really was an incredible experience!

  • MyrnaJan 22, 2016 7:01 pm

    The trip to Egypt was beyond amazing. It was life changing! Mohamed, Hatem, and Emil presented glorious Egypt to us by creating magical experiences day after day. They truly love their country and love sharing it with others and we were the happy recipients of their knowledge and dedication to designing and giving an incredible trip. Thank you! And thanks to Alan and Siska and the other volunteers who traveled to Egypt last January. The memories will stay with me forever.

    Great posting, Jenna!

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