Slowly I’m finding words to express what I felt both as a child and when touched by Woodstock—feelings I rediscovered during the spiritual awakening of the 80s and 90s in the USA while working in the Human Potential Movement.

As a sociology student in Berlin, I stepped away from the ordinary world of politics and science into a new world of hope, love, and creativity. It was liberating to see the happy faces of my new brothers and sisters. Many young people (we were called hippies) came together in Berlin from all over the world with the common goal of creating peace.

I traveled around Europe trusting that life would take care of me. I remember a time in Esbjerg, Denmark, when I lay on the grass in a park and looked into the blue sky for hours—I felt freedom and during those hours I decided what my path would be: to be aware of the present moment and never need to know where the path would take me. I was always clear that comfortable paths are old and new ones are free to be walked.

How Much Information is Created

Completely new paths are what I have a passion for. We are often in search of another place, one where we feel better, where we feel at home, where heaven and Earth are one. But we have to admit that between the place we are leaving, and the one we have not yet found, there can be a rather uncomfortable no-man’s-land.

When New Equations unexpectedly crossed my path it gave me a physical home and expression for loose ends of my lifelong experiences. All too often we tell stories to draw attention to ourselves, to gain popularity, to get recognition. We count how many Likes we got. But when we focus on expanding ourselves and giving love to others, we start to empower the ones we meet. The world needs people who are authentically themselves, and who support the differences between us.

The New Equations Spiritual Postures have become a routine to center myself in the moment so I am ready for the day ahead. Look at the sky as it changes from moment to moment—you will never see it again. Look at the faces of the people you meet—each tells a story built on generations of life experiences. A glance, a smile, a touch, a true presence—all make a day special. This turns an ordinary day into a unique one filled with gratitude.

Fabian smiling and holding tea

Hans-Peter Kraus

Hans-Peter Kraus, Soultype 5, is certified in the NEATO Level 2 – New Equations Expansion program. He enjoys linking bridges that create a balance between different perceptions. Hans-Peter lives on the border triangle of Germany, Switzerland, and France, near Freiburg (Black Forest), Germany.