About the Music – Composing in the Magic of the Present Moment

Siv Roland playing keyboards Mena House, Cairo, Egypt


Through sound we align you to keys of the universe;
our music introduces you to the frequencies and vibrations that are
the physical and spiritual building blocks for growth and evolution.
— The Sound Aligners


New Equations Music is composed and performed in the magic of the present moment. The music emerges through a spiritual connection between The Sound Aligners: Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets, the cofounders of New Equations in the USA, and Siv Roland of Norway, who is a Certified New Equations Soultyping® Instructor, pianist, and conductor.

Each piece is both composed in the moment, and recorded in one take, and is not composed or rehearsed before it is heard for the first time. Every note manifests from the magic of the moment and brings to earth sound that plays in harmony with the universe.

New Equations Music aligns with your spirituality, which is already aligned with the Forces of Nature and the Source of Creation, to help your spirituality become more physical. Human spirituality becomes physical while in alignment with the evolution of the whole universe. From that spiritual physical place, through the present moment of your soul, your expansion and development appears.

New Equations Music is the foundation for the physical practices taught in New Equations programs (newequations.com) and workshops. The Sound Aligners also compose New Equations Music in concerts to help us all move forward together in peace.

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Siv Roland composing New Equations Music
Cairo, Egypt 2015 


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