About the Music – Frequencies and Tuning

1 424.9 Hz top of throat
2 423.2 Hz solar plexus
3 424.1 Hz top of sternum
4 422.3 Hz lower abdomen
5 426.4 Hz top of head
6 424.0 Hz center of sternum
7 425.6 Hz forehead
8 421.6 Hz sacrum
9 423.8 Hz between shoulder blades

Through their research, Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey identified nine Body Resonant Frequencies™ (see chart) that correspond with the body’s Spiritual Portals (newequations.com). These specific frequencies are always used when New Equations Music is composed because they create a vibration in the music that gently enlivens the human body by bringing one’s spirituality and physicality into closer alignment. The frequencies connect to the nine Forces of Nature (newequations.com) with a one-to-one correlation so that through sound and vibration the body and soul can be supported by these universal forces.

Pythagorean tuning is also used when composing New Equations Music. In Pythagorean tuning the frequency relationship of all intervals is based on the ratio 3:2, also called perfect fifths. It originates from Mesopotamian Temperament which is traced back to ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Pythagoras of Samos, who the tuning is named after, was a mathematician and philosopher. He studied with keepers of ancient Egyptian spiritual knowledge and many believe these Egyptians gave him the information about the tuning. He is credited for introducing this tuning to the Greeks in the 6th century, BC.

Pythagorean tuning uses ratios from the overtone scale. When experiencing tuning based on overtones, the body begins to resonate in a natural way. The harmonic ratios of the overtone scale are found throughout nature and reflect the vibratory structure of all life on earth. The overtone scale is a phenomenon that occurs when a tone is sung or played on an instrument: the motion of the string or the vocal cords creates oscillations of different frequencies, and together they form a tone. This sound contains a harmonic sound and from this sound the overtone scale is created.

Using frequencies and tuning that are in harmony with the physical body helps people to align with who they are and become more able to give their gifts in support of the earth, humanity, and the universe. New Equations Music creates a way to grow, develop, and expand in a purely gentle way.

New Equations green Frequency and Tuning About the Music


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