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Many music lovers are surprised to learn that all music they purchase as digital mp3 downloads from online music stores such as iTunes or Amazon.com, has had about 90% of the sound removed. Of course this has a tremendous impact on what you hear. To get a sense for the small amount of sound you are left with in an mp3 audio file, consider that a 60 minute CD (WAV format) takes up 600MB of space on your computer, whereas a 1 hour mp3 audio file needs only 60 MB of space.

New Equations Music is sold only as high quality WAV audio files (CD quality) so that the Body Resonant Frequencies™ that are used when composing are not distorted, the music’s ability to align with your body is not diminished, and the rich sound quality of the original recording is not lost. If needed, here are easy instructions for keeping your music’s high sound quality when you bring your New Equations Music purchase into your computer.

Companies such as iTunes convert CD quality WAV audio files into mp3 music files because they take up less storage space and transfer more quickly onto audio players, such as iPods, smartphones, or the audio players in computers. This works well for some situations – but it is not the sound that the musicians and singers created. You can easily hear the difference yourself by listening to a piece of music you love on its original professionally produced CD and then listening to the same piece again after it has been converted to an mp3 file (buy it from an online digital music store or convert it yourself to an mp3 audio file).

iTunes and some jukebox and music manager programs are pre-set to automatically change your music into mp3 files, so it is good to check your settings and change them to keep your music in its original WAV format if you want to keep your music’s sound quality.

If you use iTunes on your computer, we provide easy instructions for changing the settings so you can keep your New Equations Music in WAV format – it takes less than a minute to do this. If you use a different kind of audio player on your computer, you probably know how to work with the settings and should be easy for you to make sure your music is kept in WAV.


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