"Soultype 6" over bright green crystals

As I get older, and the awareness of my mortality becomes hyper-acute, I find something interesting happening, and that is an expanding sense of identity—a sense of my voice being one among infinite millions; a sense of my body and breath being within the magnificent, honored, and perfect arc of life, from seed, to sapling, to towering giant, to wizened carcass, to dark, rich, forest duff . . .

We are all in this together, interdependent, with responsibility for each other, and for this garden. Let’s take time to put our hands and feet in the earth, marvel at the tiny, and gape in awe at the vast; to take care of ourselves, help others, spread joy, dance and sing, allow tears, dream and wonder, and FEEL our precious gifted moments of existence.

Alan Sheets smiling outside

David Tovey

David Tovey, Soultype 9, is a primary care physician residing in Portland, Oregon, USA. He loves art, music, and the natural world, and is endeavoring to engage more with all of these!