Pink and Yellow flowers in a sunny field

I have completed a journey, and I have started a new one.

Yesterday I got to breathe together with Leean (Soultype 9), and it was like an adventure fairytale. Her breath is healing, she gives her breath to herself, to us in New Equations, and to humanity. The way in which I could feel her breath move into my cells and then out of my cells again was huge! My shoulders released and I felt a new freedom, as well as connection to all there is. When she said she was always so happy to see me on the Spiritual Postures call, it felt like my heart exploded.

This afternoon I am going to meet with Arve (Soultype 1). A new journey will begin. When I was in the shower this morning I saw the infinity symbol. To live a spiritual life is a journey that always continues. Meeting Arve today will be like a beginning of the continuation. I so much look forward to it, because everyone I have met during my journey has given me so much joy, and a new curiosity about who they are and what their soul brings to us all. I can feel how each person has given me an incredible deep gift. Meeting each other soul-to-soul without agenda, control, or force, is an experience that has changed me, and given me something new that will be with me for the rest of my life. I am in deep gratitude and I am so touched.

I am starting to understand that it is the infinite light, love, and movement, that is the foundation for living in the strength and wisdom of my soul.

Janne smiling in a red hat

Janne Ulfstein

Janne Ulfstein, Soultype 6, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 – New Equations Certified Teacher program. Janne lives in Oslo and likes to write, walk, and talk!