The Artwork

The Artwork

Our website artwork is designed and aligned to the music by Siska Tovey.
Siska shares a little about designing the art below.

A glass pyramid with a hand and swirling colors on the side

New Equations Music Logo

I designed the New Equations Music logo around a photo taken by Jenna Tovey when she was a teenager. She had placed her hand on the side of the Sphinx in Egypt, 2009, during a New Equations Teacher Training. I added images of a crystal pyramid and colored moving lights to represent an alive connection between humanity, the universe, the Great Pyramid, and the Sphinx.

Green Northern Lights swirling over mountains

Northern Lights Symphony

This photo was taken from the island of Sandsøya, Norway, where we composed the Northern Lights Symphony. Northern Lights were dancing above us the night we composed this symphony and I was surprised to see their colorful pastel colors and dramatic fast movements.

Cover art combining sparkles, colors and the infinity symbol

From the Unknown to the Known Symphony

I brought together different images that include sparkles, colors and the infinity symbol to represent the ‘known’ emerging from the ‘unknown’. From the Unknown to the Known Symphony helps people find a new place to balance who they are with new energy from the Source.

A woman smiling holding a transparent globe in front of the ocean

The Soul and Heart – Being in the Light of your Heart Symphony

For this cover art I took an image of light reflecting off of tree leaves and expanded it to create the effect of softness and receptivity. The Soul and Heart – Being in the Light of your Heart Symphony connects to the expansive universe and the way it gives and aligns to people.

A girl in the stars looking up

Pesdjet XIII Music from a New Creation Symphony

I superimposed a photo of a New Equations teacher onto a photo of the Milky Way. The photo of the young woman was taken at an ancient site where we were exploring humanity’s spiritual nature and connection with the universe. Pesdjet XIII Music from A New Creation Symphony helps people stay with the constant change of the universe.

Siska Tovey standing in a room with her arms down

New Equations Spiritual Postures – Music and Videos

This is an image of me demonstrating one of the Spiritual Postures for the video New Equations Spiritual Postures – Music and Videos. This powerful practice helps you fill your body with spiritual energy. The package includes music for the Spiritual Postures (15 minutes), and two 15 minute instruction videos. 

A man listening to music through headphones

New Equations Practice – Music and PDF

I selected a photo of a young man peacefully listening to music with headphones for the New Equations Practice – Music and PDF. This practice includes music, PDFs about Soultype wisdom, and pictures of the Facial Expressions of Strength.

View of Mt. Shasta with a lake and trees in front

Spiritual Circles Symphony

I added color to this lovely photo of the Mt. Shasta volcano in California, USA. I was leading a New Equations Teachers Training in the town of Mt. Shasta and we composed the Spiritual Circles Symphony with a view of this volcano. Photo by Laurel Avery.

A group of people standing in front of three pyramids in Egypt

Pesdjet XIV Music from a New Dawn – Dancing with my Soul Symphony

ForPesdjet XIV Music from A New Dawn I used a photo of New Equations students at the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. I made a shadow image to represent the birth of something new. It was an unusually foggy and rainy day and the weather cleared as we stood on a ridge above the plateau; the sunrise lit up one pyramid at a time. Photo by New Equations.

A girl superimposed in front of the Sphinx with a double helix and the earth

Mahrillon Spiral Symphony

For The Mahrillon Spiral Symphony I used an intriguing photo of New Equations teacher, Jenna Tovey, standing in front of the face of the Sphinx, and added photos of the DNA double helix and the earth. I used this combination of images to communicate eternal connection. This symphony opens you to the wonder of the past and the future. 

A young boy sitting with his arms out surrounded by stars

The Source Symphony

For The Source Symphony I showed a loving connection between people and the universe by combining an image of a young boy with his arms outstretched with an image of galaxies (taken by the Hubble telescope). Every person has a unique alignment to the Source through their body and soul. 

Two women with their arms over their chest surrounded by color

The Waves of Colored Light Symphony

For The Waves of Colored Light Symphony I used a photo of a New Equations student doing the Spiritual Posture for Soultype 9. I added soft flowing colors. This symphony was created to help diminish fear so it is easier for people to be who they are.

A woman twirling in a blue sparkly skirt

The Katembusk Symphony

I combined an image of a crystal reflecting colored lights, stars from a Hubble telescope photo, and swirling movement, to show timeless artistry. The Katembusk Symphony opens people to their extraordinary creativity.

An orange rose in bloom

Source Creative Elements Symphony

For the Source Creative Elements Symphony I took a photograph of a flower in my garden to show life’s emerging beauty. This unfolding is made possible by the four Elements: Fire (Soultype 1), Water (Soultype 2), Air (Soultype 3) and Earth (Soultype 4). The spiritual colors of these energies are light blue, light yellow, yellow and orange.

View of the earth from space with a pyramid and sparkles on top

Tetrahedrons Source Symphony

For The Tetrahedrons Source Symphony I combined photos of stars, the earth, sparkles, and a tetrahedron. The tetrahedron is the Platonic Solid for Soultype 1; it contains wisdom about humanity’s relationship to the Source. This symphony plays in the New Equations Frequency for Soultype 1 and helps people make a pure connection with the Source. 

Three dolphins swimming in the ocean

One Universe – All There Is Aligned

For One Universe – All There is Aligned I used a beautiful photo of dolphins in Kealakekua Bay, a dolphin sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawai’i. We composed this symphony overlooking the bay. This music helps people move in oneness with each other as dolphins do. Being in oneness with another person always has the potential for growth and magic. Photo by Bryce Groark.

A joyful man under a waterfall with jewels next to him

Source Creative Transformation Symphony

While driving through mountains, my brother spontaneously jumped out of the car and ran into a waterfall. The energy of Spiritual Portals 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, make up the dodecahedron, the Platonic Solid that helps with transformation. Transformation can not be planned and the direction it takes can not be predicted. Source Creative Transformation Symphony

A sunrise and sunset next to each other

Light from Sunrise and Sunset – Change in the Present Moment Symphony

For the Light from Sunrise and Sunset – Change in the Present Moment Symphony I merged photos to highlight a magical time that falls between sunrise and sunset. Evolution becomes possible when no agenda is present.

Mt. Fuji with trees at the base of the mountain

Rihalana Circle – Music for Internal Peace

For the Rihalana Circle – Music for Internal Peace Symphony I used a photo taken from the room where we composed this music. The photo shows Mt. Fuji volcano in Japan, a sacred mountain and pilgrimage site. This symphony helps people to be with their own internal light and peace. Photo by Siv Roland.

An eye with the world as the pupil surrounded by four colors

Four Corners as One Symphony

For the Four Corners as One Symphony I placed the colors of the four Elements behind a photo of the eye of a child. The four Elements are connected to Soultypes 1, 2, 3 and 4. The color for Element 1 – fire – is light blue; 2 – water – is light yellow; 3 – air – is dark yellow; and 4 – earth – is orange. This group is the foundation for connection and relationship. 

People standing in the Luxor Temple in Egypt surrounded by pillars

The Cosmic Human Symphony

I am standing with my daughter on the left in this amazing colonnade. Luxor Temple, Egypt, was built to represent the human body. Through its energy and the mathematics of its structure it helps people align to their spectacular nature. The Cosmic Human Symphony was composed in connection with Luxor Temple. Photo by Siv Roland.

A pentagon shaped rock with a treble clef on it

Quintessence with Source Symphony

For the Quintessence with Source Symphony I placed a gold treble clef on an image of a pentagon-shaped rock in a river. The pentagon represents the Quintessence: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. When energy from Spiritual Portals 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 flow together within the body, transformation becomes possible. The gold, rock, treble clef, and water, represent this natural process. 

Bright stars in the night sky

A Ceiling of Five Starlights Symphony

For A Ceiling of Five Starlights Symphony I used an image of stars in the night sky as a backdrop for five larger stars that represent the non-forceful energy that comes from Soultypes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. When people bring the wisdom of all five together in their body it can bring about change.

Four people playing in the ocean with their souls lit up

The Floor with Four Lights Symphony

I developed this image for The Floor with Four Lights Symphony from a photo of four people in the ocean. I gave the water a deep blue color with shimmering waves to represent the good feeling of being in a physical body and its non-forceful energy. I added lights in the region of the heart to show that this music helps people open their hearts to the light they have within themselves. 

Four photos representing the four elements: earth, water, air and fire

Elements with Source Symphony

I brought several photos together for the Elements with Source Symphony to symbolize the four Elements: fire for Soultype/Spiritual Portal 1, water for Soultype/Spiritual Portal 2, air for Soultype/Spiritual Portal 3, and earth for Soultype/Spiritual Portal 4. This symphony helps people align to the Elements and connect with each other. 

A rainbow of swirling light

Nine Movements in Harmony Symphony

I chose this image of a flow of color to illustrate the movement of energy when New Equations Music is composed. The Nine Movements in Harmony Symphony helps people connect to the gentleness of the soul and a state of being that is aligned to pure light, pure sound and pure energy. 

A boy holding a ball of white light

Five Circles One Beam Symphony

For the Five Circles One Beam Symphony I chose a photo of a child holding a ball of light to convey how energy from Portals 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, can come together in oneness like a beam of light within the body. People can develop when they hold themselves like a shining light.

Rainbow swirling colors

The Colored Circle of Light Symphony

I illustrated The Colored Circle of Light Symphony with a colored circling image of light. Each Spiritual Portal / Soultype has its own light in a color of the rainbow. This light exists throughout the body and the universe. Unique to this symphony is that it plays music for all of the nine Spiritual Portals / Soultypes two times.

The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid with a swirling galaxy in front

Pesdjet X The Mahrillon Spiral Music

I selected for Pesdjet X The Mahrillon Spiral Music a photo of a spiral galaxy that is thought to be similar in appearance to our own Milky Way Galaxy. I placed it over a photo I took of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid to represent humanity’s connection to a rich ancient past that continues to provide support. 

A field of purple flowers and tall trees

Pesdjet II Music from the Nine

I found a photo of a soft field of flowers combined with the strength of trees for Pesdjet II Music from the Nine. Humanity’s spiritual nature is soft, strong and eternal.

A rainbow reflected through a large sparkling crystal

Pesdjet I Music from the Nine

The colors of the nine Forces of Nature and the nine Soultypes are reflected through the crystal in my design for Pesdjet I Music from the Nine: Force of Nature 1 is light blue; 2 is light yellow; 3 is dark yellow; 4 is orange; 5 is violet; 6 is green; 7 is indigo; 8 is red; 9 is dark blue. 

Siv Roland playing the piano with a green background

Tokyo Concert November 2012

For Tokyo Concert November 2012 I selected images from video of New Equations composer/musician Siv Roland, and put them together in a collage. Siv was performing at Meguro Persimmon Hall. It was World Peace Day and we were honored to present a concert for peace in Japan.

Stars, a heart and the earth combined

Pesdjet III Music from the Nine

I wanted my design for Pesdjet III Music from the Nine to show that all people are held and supported with love from the universe. I brought together photos from space, the earth, and an image of a heart.

Rolling hills in California with enhanced rainbow colors

California Concert December 2012

I added color to this photo taken from above EarthRise Center where we composed California Concert December 2012, a benefit concert for EarthRise. We are in gratitude for the work of the Institute of Noetic Science and the way the center has supported us over the years. Photo by Alan Sheets.

Dragon clouds from Japan

Mt. Fuji Concert November 2012

Japan is known well for its dragon clouds. For Mt. Fuji Concert, November 2012 I chose to enhance this photo of a dragon cloud to honor Yamashita Showzen-san, Chief Priest of Echoji Temple, and the 7 Generation Walkers for Peace. We all came together at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. It was an honor to present a benefit concert for these kind and generous people. Photo by Mary Tadokoro.

Orange flower petals

Journey Inward – Music from Sumiralux

I took a photo of orange flower petals in my garden for Journey Inward (Portal 4) – Music from Sumiralux. This album was composed in the New Equations Frequency for Portal 4 which is about the wisdom of the universe within. The journey inward is always peaceful, soft and gentle. 

Ocean waves on the beach

Body Meditation – Music from Sumiralux

For Body Meditation – Music from Sumiralux I selected a photo of sea foam and little pebble taken at the seashore where we composed some of the Music from Sumiralux. The gentleness of the wave and beauty of the stone created calmness that is aligned with the music. Photo by  Paolo Scoglio.

A photo of the earth and sunlight sparkling on the ocean put together

Source – Music from Sumiralux

For Source (Portal 1) – Music from Sumiralux  I used a photo of sunlight sparkling on the water – as stars sparkle in the night sky – and within that I put a photo taken of the earth to show that people are embraced by spiritual light from the earth as well as from the universe.

A photo of deep space taken by the Hubble Telescope

Stillpoint – Music from Sumiralux

I selected a photo taken of galaxies in deep space by the Hubble telescope for Stillpoint (Portal 7) – Music from Sumiralux. To me it represents the expanding moving energy of the universe. We are all a part of this beautiful movement and its mysteries are always there for us to explore.