The past, the present, and the future, are ONE.
There is no known without the unknown.
There is no unknown without the known.

When stepping into the unknown our ego and desire to control our future must be left behind. There will be no future for humanity if we continue to try to manipulate and control our surroundings. We need to become ONE. This can happen by opening to the guidance of our souls because the soul has a connection to the spiritual energy of the universe. We haven’t known how to appreciate and open to this connection because of the mistaken belief that competition, hierarchy, and manipulation, are the only options.

If we look around it is easy to see that every society, organization, and relationship, is founded on competition, hierarchy, and manipulation. Yet, it is possible for us to live in the physical expression of our souls while being with everything we see and meet.

We can bring peace and love to all citizens of our earth. This new way of living creates no war because there is no war in the heart. War is created by the ego.

The True Alive Path Umbrellas

From birth, babies are filled with love and peace. It is the environment that shapes them. Let’s give back to children an environment that connects to their souls. Also, all over the world our traditional systems are holding back women who are trying to bring us peace.

Our souls have wisdom. This wisdom gives us access to a foundation within ourselves that is connected to all existence. Our souls hold the wisdom about how to live our lives in community with trust, equality, openness, and love. Those who are willing to let go of their egos and travel home to the origin—to the soul—will experience this.

Living life from the soul’s wisdom and strength gives us a foundation for communicating in a new way. This new way is the present moment, where there is no force, control, or agenda. We all can hold this truth.

Feel the freedom this new state of being could create within—but first we need to each open the door to our own soul and have a willingness to walk through to find the new tools.

Welcome to the New Equations party!



Janne smiling in a red hat

Janne Ulfstein

Janne Ulfstein, Soultype 6, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 – New Equations Certified Teacher program. Janne lives in Oslo and likes to write, walk, and talk!