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Lynn and Teapot dogFor animal lovers around the world, here is a story New Equations teacher Lynn Hull wrote about her dog, Teapot, during a thunderstorm last month. In the photo, Teapot has Lynn’s right hand on her back.

Yesterday we had a day of storms, strong lightning and thunder that just echoed around and around. One of my curly coated retrievers, fondly known as Teapot, was for some unusual reason disturbed by this. He could not settle and was panting. He just wanted to be petted and cuddled. I knew it was the weather that was troubling him (I did wonder if he was presaging that the roof was going to fall in or something!).

I had to leave him and get on with my work and it suddenly occurred to me to try the music. I chose Sparkles Through the Soul – Portal 3, from the Nine Movements in Harmony Symphony (his soulmate person is a Soultype 3). He amazingly settled down in a corner near to the music, stopped panting, and relaxed – even though there was no visible change in the weather nor was the music so loud that it made the weather noise inaudible. This lasted some time. I turned the music off just as there was an enormous thunder clap and he started up again. I repeated the process and he settled.

Put with the experience Clare had with Milo, I think it’s clear that for those dog/cat lovers amongst us, this has enormous potential for pets in places where they are unnerved. As it’s coming up to Halloween and Bonfire night with lots of noise and fire crackers I’ll certainly be posting a link to the music on Facebook for my doggy people.

Lynn Hull

Certified New Equations Teacher
Mazerolles, Hautes Pyrenees, France


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  • JimJan 15, 2014 8:15 pm

    I love this note from Lynn.

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