Inhale … and a light gasps to life.
Responsive illumination of where and who I am.

But the glow widens beyond me,
lighting the tracks I have traced through the world.
Every space I’ve taken up gleams,
as if the air I occupied remembers me.
My paths stand dimly against a galaxy left to explore.

Between my experiences,
I feel the buzz of all the places left to go,
and people thrumming with life.
They are monoliths in their mystery.
The magnitude and singularity of their lives
swirl around them like steam.
Billowing summer storms that require a lifetime
to rightfully appreciate their beauty.

I marvel at the miracle of it all.
Filling my lungs till my ribs shake.
Drinking it in till I am full.

An honest desperation to
feel and be everything at once.

Exhale … and the glimmer becomes a flame.
Release sweeps through me
and pulls the world a little closer.

Attempting to experience everything is
to unthinkingly give the same.
My love pours into the rivers
and I fling my joy into the skies.
Willing it to all the people and places
I will picture before I see.

An emptying that replenishes only to begin again.

Leean Gill smiling surrounded by flowers

Leean Gill

Leean Gill is a Marketing Coordinator and Grapic Designer for New Equations. She is currently traveling through Europe. Writing, drawing, and seeing all that is beautiful.