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Next month, I will be meeting in Northern California with others from the New Equations community to participate in a retreat where new music for humanity will be composed. As I prepare and look forward to this gathering, I have been reflecting on some of my past experiences of New Equations Music creation events. The last time such an event took place was on the tiny island of Sandsøya, Norway, just north of the Arctic Circle. This is when the Northern Lights Symphony was composed.

I have profound memories from my time in Sandsøya. My very first sighting of the Northern Lights was when they appeared in the sky during my ferry crossing from the mainland the evening I arrived. It felt like they were welcoming me to the island. Throughout my stay on Sandsøya, every time these dancing lights appeared was more spectacular and surreal than the last.

And it wasn’t just these after-dark experiences that were so incredibly unique—all the island light was amazing. It was the time of year when the sun barely rose above the horizon and the days were short. There were prolonged late morning sunrises and afternoon sunsets that slowly morphed into different colors and patterns for hours at a time.

One very cold day, we all got bundled up for a campfire and lunch on the beach, where the temperature was -7˚C/19˚F. This experience itself was a fun first for me, and after we had finished our meal and were preparing to leave, we saw another phenomenal display of light. As I gazed down the coast, I saw the sun, sea, sky, and earth interact in such a way that the land turned a fiery glowing gold. It was unlike anything I had ever seen.

There were other wonderfully fun and surprising parts of this adventure, like when some of us used our jackets as sails during a stormy night and flew across the icy roof of a mountaintop lookout tower. And one night, a dog that specialized in helping veterans heal from PTSD was with us. He went from person to person, bringing each of us love and healing energy while the new symphony was being composed.

My experience of being present in the room while the music was created, played, and composed, somehow brought together all of these wondrous moments. When I hear and feel the music for the first time, it’s as though a channel opens through which the music flows from the sources and resources throughout the universe. It is always spectacular and magical.  

Each new piece has always been unique to that specific musical event. Sometimes I move with the energy of the music. Other times I lie on the floor or sit quietly while listening and aligning myself with the music.

I have been so fortunate over the years to be a part of many of the New Equations Music creation gatherings. I’ve been to the Great Pyramid in Cairo, Egypt; Mt. Shasta, a volcano in California; Mt. Desert Island off the coast of Maine; IONS, a beautiful retreat center in Petaluma, California, as well as a peaceful neighborhood in the small town of San Anselmo, California, which is where the New Equations Cofounders made their original discoveries.

What all my experiences have in common is that they are powerfully transformative—they are unexpected and surprisingly new.

I could write multiple articles about each one of my experiences, but for now, I will just say that I’m extremely happy and grateful that we are gathering again to create new music. It will soon be available for everyone!

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Laurel Avery

Laurel Avery, Soultype 7, is a student in the NEATO Pathway 3 – Assistant Spiritual Research program. Laurel is currently exploring planet Earth, being inspired by its spectacular beauty while discovering her next landing place. She creates children’s picture books and 3D animated art to expand the wisdom of the soul in the world.