I’d like to share something beautiful. Some days ago, Earth “contacted” me. I will try as best as I can to recapture my experience.

Painting of a thick purple cross on a white background with gold flecks

Betty’s bench, Rhine Valley

Early every morning I like to go for a walk in nature, taking my coffee-to-go. I enjoy drinking it at a particular spot overlooking the Rhine Valley from where I can see in the distance the mountain skyline of France. My home is where Germany, France, and Switzerland, meet—a lovely place to be! As I welcome the day, I listen to New Equations Music, or do my japa (mantras), or the Spiritual Postures, or sometimes just sit, or daydream, or greet dog walkers and joggers, and slowly I start connecting with Earth.

Painting of a thick purple cross on a white background with gold flecks

There are mornings when I do not at all want to go back to the house—it just feels like I should stay outside a bit longer so I can keep feeling the ground under my feet and allow a space within me to open so it is ready to be filled with loving thoughts, insights, here and there deeper truths (as well as what to cook for dinner 😃), and experience the joy of being with myself.

Painting of a thick purple cross on a white background with gold flecks

Betty in the grass

Whenever that infinite space opens in me, I often feel love for, and connection to, our Earth. It is a deeper love beyond loving trees, rivers, mountains, and flowers. It is a love for the living, breathing, being called Earth—and for the manifestation of its alive consciousness.

One particular morning my body felt off balance. My heartbeat was slow, my energy was low, my legs felt as if cement bags were hanging on them, and my body overall seemed to be like an overflow basin storing water waiting to be released (this happened a few days later when Germany was flooded—I might share that story with you another time). I sat down on a bench and started questioning whether my body was perhaps representing or carrying world issues. I wondered if what I felt was not all about me, my body, and my heart. What about the heart of Gaia? Could my weak heartbeat be telling me something about the heartbeat of Earth? Although I was aware that this thought might somehow be outrageous, I continued to ponder this question.

It only took a little while before I started to feel a strong and peaceful energy flowing into my heart coming directly FROM the Earth. I literally sensed that this energy came directly from the ground I was standing on, like an invisible vibration, and yet it had a density that I could almost see. My heartbeat began to connect to the very slow heartbeat of the Earth itself: bum . . . bum . . . bum . . . bum . . . bum. It gave me all the time I needed to find a comfortable alignment, and then Earth started speaking to me:

My dear child, as you connect to my heart, I will connect to your heart. As you listen to the heartbeats of my soul, I will listen to the heartbeats of your soul. This soul connection is all you need.

I did not dare move my body—I just wanted to inhale deep into myself this loving contact with Earth. It was so much more than nature’s loving touch. The Earth’s consciousness had unveiled itself for a tiny, brief moment, and yet I could feel time and space were expanding into eternity. The hugeness of it I cannot describe with words. A mystery had revealed its truth. I had experienced a mystical moment.

I sat together with Earth in silence for a few minutes, enjoying the companionship of our souls, and witnessing the gates of Eternity opening within me, showing me that soul connection is what our world needs, and that our beloved planet Earth—a conscious entity—is reaching out to us to reestablish our relationship with her from heart to heart.

I remembered some words about Spiritual Portal 8 that I read during my Soultyping program: With Portal 8 open we are more aware of our crucial relationship with the aliveness of the earth. This is the foundation from which to grow and evolve in the moment.

Walking home some new words showed up for me that I would like to share. Perhaps you might like to use them when you want to connect with Earth while walking in nature. My body spoke these words to me while I was listening to New Equations Music:

Upside Down Bird – New Equations Music Blog

Have a loving connection with Gaia!

Until next time,

Betty Kraus

Betty Kraus smiling

Betty Kraus

Betty Kraus, Soultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 2 – New Equations Expansion program. Betty lives in Freiburg/Black Forest, Germany. She is a Spiritual Grandmother and healer, and offers seminars and transformative journeys in Europe and South India.