The choice is available
To always embrace the soul

Be open to receive its beauty
Dare to hold your own path
Of change and wisdom
It is a beautiful path
If you choose to take it
And discover the magic
Of who you are

See the beauty of all there is
Enjoy the dance with every person
The magic of another’s soul
And the deepness of you
The peacefulness that is available
And the aliveness
See all the new possibilities
Feel the connection to the earth
Breathe in harmony with yourself
And everything around

Embrace the wisdom of every Soultype
Feel the light from every soul
Feel the love you give and receive
And feel the strength of yourself
As you move forward
In the strength of your soul

The Search by Fabian – lighthouse
Fabian smiling and holding tea

Fabian Rohde

Fabian Rohde, Soultype 5, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 – New Equations Certified Teacher program. You can find Fabian in Oslo, Norway, golfing and playing his guitar.