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People Doing Good

There are so many people doing wonderful things in the world. Unfortunately most of their work goes unnoticed in favor of stories perpetuating fear and anger in the media. Although it is very important to be a ware of the injustices in the world, it is also important to see that there are people out there creating positive change and making a difference. If it is known that there are people helping to make our world a better place, it can inspire others to do the same.

Below are articles and videos about people doing wonderful things for the world, just as we are trying to do in New Equations. Feel free to click around and be inspired!



At  24 years old, Veronika Scott is changing lives and empowering others. It all started with a college class assignment – which blossomed into creating coats and opportunities for others who deserve a chance. As Veronica says: “I really believe that people can tackle far more than they think they can” – and she’s completely right. One person can make a big difference, you can do anything! Watch her video to learn about her amazing story.


This  team of California scientists is trying to make the Dairy Industry – one of the most unhealthy, costly and environmentally damaging food industries – completely obsolete. Hampton Creek Foods is finding ways to use chemistry and plants to replace various Dairy products, including their most recent undertaking – eggs! Watch the video to learn more about this amazing endeavor!



Secret Santa is happening in Kansas City like you’ve never seen it before! A truly beautiful sight to see people helping others and spreading joy during the holiday season. 



A 16 year old girl is using fallen leaves as her canvas. She wants to show the world that art can be sustainable, and doesn’t have to cause so much harm to our environment. Click the picture below to see more of her brilliant art work, and learn more about what this incredibly smart girl has to say about the state of our planet.

People Doing Good - Sustainable Leaf Art

There is a man in India who accomplished something amazing. Since the age of 16, Jadav Payeng has been planting a forest in his backyard. He realized that there was not enough refuge for wildlife where he lived so he decided to take action. His forest is now 1,360 acres, and still growing. Payeng is a wonderful example of just how much one person can accomplish if they set there mind to it. Click the picture below to read more of his incredible story.
People Doing Good - Indian man plants a forest









Cows getting to see the grass for the first time after being freed from captivity. This is the work of Leonardo Anselmi, an animal rights activist based in Peru. He is making great progress in liberating animals from captivity as well as abolishing bullfighting. He believes in coexisting with animals, not keeeping them trapped in cages. Check out his facebook page to see more videos and posts about what he’s up to and learn more about his accomplishments. 



In Seattle there is a place where the young and old get to spend their days together. It is called Providence Mt. St. Vincent; a building shared by a senior center and a day care. It is beautiful to see how they are able to help each other in unique and different ways that they would not get otherwise. So many seniors in America spend their days alone, wouldn’t it be a wonderful innovation if this could become widespread across America?



What an amazing idea for a kindergarden! Designed by Japanese architect Takaharu Tezuka; a layout that encourages creativity and learning, and most importantly, lets kids be kids! Click on the picture below to see the full video and website.

People Doing Good - Japanese Roof Kindergarden

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  • Siv

    SivNov 10, 2015 2:27 am

    Dear Jenna! What fantastic videos! I makes me so happy, and also bring joy and hope to my heart. Thank you so much for putting these up for us to look at :-))))

    • Jenna

      JennaDec 17, 2015 1:43 pm

      I’m so glad they helped to brighten your day!

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