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My heartbeat is extra strong today
I can feel the increasing energy in my body
I can connect again with people and everything that is happening
I can play with every present moment
This creates a deep joy, and I feel a strong alignment to all existence

Today I had some negative thoughts while looking at Facebook
Immediately I recognized my old pattern and chose to go another way
A shower and the Spiritual Postures made me aligned again

Soon after, these words came to me while listening to the music Heartbeats of Light:

  • In seconds I now recognize old habits
  • Through New Equations Music I find ways to connect alive paths
  • These paths are filled with life, compassion, beauty, and awareness

It feels deeply meaningful and makes me so happy that my joy is connected to the creative energy of the universe

All I want for Christmas is to be with the beauty within myself and others
My wish is that communities become filled with love and openness on a spiritual foundation

My heartbeats are connected to light
My light offers people a spiritual relationship
Spiritual relationships give people opportunities to be who they truly are

When people find their Soultype, they can find their alive path, their heartbeat, their light, and embrace all there is

Janne smiling in a red hat

Janne Ulfstein

Janne Ulfstein, Soultype 6, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 – New Equations Certified Teacher program. Janne lives in Oslo, Norway, and likes to write, walk, and talk!