The True Alive Path Umbrellas

“What is your heart’s desire, dear Jacob?” asked Willie, the bear.

“My heart’s desire?” Jacob, the mouse, asked back.

“Yes, something that slumbers very deep in your heart—that throbs and knocks there, and speaks to you again and again, sometimes very quietly, sometimes perhaps very loudly.

Have you ever listened to your heart’s desire, Jacob? It’s more than a regular wish like a birthday wish. The feeling the wish comes from goes so much deeper . . . ”

Quiet now, Jacob brought the question into his heart. “Yes, Willie, I have. Since I’ve heard my soul’s music and experienced how to be in the strength of my soul, I often hear my heart.”

“Do you want to share what your heart tells you?” Willie asked.

“Yes, Willie, with pleasure! Lately my heart has been speaking to me very softly, and yet with a lot of power,” said Jacob. “It wishes for something that is not only for me. It wishes for something that is for all of us.

We talked about it last time, in a way, but now I understand it on an even deeper level.

It wishes that we see each other not with our eyes, but with our hearts.

It wishes that we understand each other not with our heads, but with our hearts.

It wishes that it doesn’t matter that you, Willie, the bear, are so much bigger than I, Jacob, the mouse . . . or that I, Jacob, the mouse, am so much smaller than you, Willie, the bear.

The True Alive Path Umbrellas

It doesn’t matter that on the outside we look so incredibly different. And I think . . . no, I feel, Willie, that it is important that you are the bear and I am the mouse.

But it’s even more important that we realize we are so much more, and by being so much more, we are one.

Do you understand what I mean, Willie?”

“Yes, Jacob.” Willie had tears in his eyes. “Yes, Jacob, my heart understands you so well.”

Willie continued. “When we see with our heart, and know ourselves with our heart, so much will fall away that no longer serves us.

So much will fall away that holds us back.

So much will fall away that leads us into fear, wanting, doubt, and anger.

So much will fall away that keeps us separate form each other.”

“Yes.” Jacob smiled at Willie and crawled up onto his shoulder.

And so they sat. Willie, the bear, and Jacob, the mouse, gazing into the distance, watching the sun go down.

Willie feels like Willie, the bear.

Jacob feels like Jacob, the mouse.

Together they feel like one.

And they are happy.

Because they just are with that knowing, with that experience.

They just are.

And then, all is well.

Janne smiling in a red hat

Keren Kraus

Keren Kraus is a student in the New Equations Soultyping Program. You can find her in Berlin, Germany, where she loves to immerse herself into different cultures, observe life, and is currently following her calling to create a heart-centered business.