Once a month for the past year, Siska Tovey, Director and Cofounder of New Equations, has said hello to us through wonderful words and videos. I thought it would be nice to collect all her words from this year, and share them with you.

-Jenna, New Equatoins Communications Manager


Siska Tovey December Newsletter
Since our discovery in 1994 of the Soultypes—that extraordinary moment when we caught our first glimpse of a person moving from their Spiritual Portal—we have followed a path filled with light of the soul that is without force, control, or agenda. This always leads in many surprising directions. For example, this year, novelists began creating characters that have Soultypes, and the characters are sharing New Equations wisdom.

The world has been quite chaotic this year, and though the issues are not yet resolved, the profoundness of all human beings moving toward new alignment in connection with each other, using the strength and wisdom of their soul, is taking place worldwide and will become more important and visible in 2020.


Every human being is an artist. Every human being is born with creativity in their soul. Every human being can make a beautiful change for the world. Every human being can open themselves up to their artistry. Your soul and spirituality can always guide you to your extraordinary gifts. 

New Equations Music helps you explore and expand your creative gifts. When you play the music, it enlivens the connection between your soul and infinite possibilities.

New Equations Music helps you become more of who you are.

You can find our unique music on YouTube


New Equations has always, and will always, change and develop in alignment with the universe. Many wonderful people have been part of this process over the years, contributing in important ways.

In 2015 we reorganized our programs so that more opportunities would be available for people to be involved as much, or as little, as they wanted, and still be able to contribute to steady change and evolution. 

The speed at which we’ve been making discoveries since 2015 is rapidly accelerating. In addition, Alan and I are witnessing a profound and consistent expansion happening for everyone in a way that we have not only never seen before, but is new for humanity.

The world today is chaotic and many people live in despair. When you align to your soul’s strength and live in the purity of your existence, your awareness expands. Your soul, physicality, and spirituality, come together as one, and your light shines from the pure strength of who you are, and gives to, and helps, all people.


The entrance to the Luxor Temple showing two huge statues in front of huge pillars

In 2009, Alan and I took many of our students to Egypt where we spent a month researching and exploring its ancient sites. For the first time, we were able to visit the Luxor Temple, the place where Isha and René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz had spent 15 years of their lives.

Isha and René discovered that the Luxor Temple structure is a physical representation of the human body, and that mathematically and spiritually it aligns humanity to the universe.

They published their work in the Temple of Man which was such an important resource for us because it filled in mathematical and spiritual details about the new equations of our work.

It was equally important to us to visit the Great Pyramid because mathematician Wesley Bateman had discovered that it was built according to universal measures; it holds wisdom the ancient Egyptians knew about, including the nine frequencies that we use when we compose New Equations Music.

Both the magnificent Luxor Temple and Great Pyramid revealed to us profound new wisdom about the nine Soultypes. These discoveries became very important for New Equations.


We knew that we are all born with one of our Spiritual Portals active—the one for our own Soultype—while the other eight Spiritual Portals of the body are dormant. During this trip we found a way to train our students to receive wisdom through all nine Spiritual Portals, instead of just one.


There are so many New Equations discoveries that have surprised me over the years, but one of my favorites was our discovery of the Movement Centers.

By 2002, after years of observation, it crystallized for me and Alan that people always initiate their movement from their Soultype’s Spiritual Portal (at that time we called them energy centers). Because of this, we also began calling these locations the nine Movement Centers™.

This discovery added another fascinating dimension to my experience when I watched athletes, singers, musicians, dancers, public speakers, and others, move in peak performances. Alan and I realized that the joy a person feels when physically performing at a high level is because they are more connected with their soul.

There is such beauty in those moments when a person performs with a pure soul alignment. Alan and I became even more eager to teach people about New Equations so they could become aware of this possibility, and choose to live life in a new creative state of being.

I produced videos that featured clips of public figures moving from their Spiritual Portals. These New Equations Movement Videos gave our students another way to see the powerful physical expressions of the soul.

You may also like to check out the Movement Centers on our website 🙂


The nine Facial Expressions of Strength are beautiful, profound, universal, and radiate from the soul.

As you can read in our history, for each Soultype I identified a singularly unique facial expression that is always visible when a person is in their own Posture of Strength. I could see that each Soultype uses their facial muscles in a way that is completely different from the other Soultypes. When a person is Soultyped, their Facial Expression of Strength always appears.

I shared my observations with Alan, and we decided to see if we could find photos that showed these expressions.

We needed to look through thousands of photographs, searching for the rare moment when a photographer happened to capture one of the expressions. So, we borrowed stacks and stacks of books from the local library (no Internet to search!). We focused intently on our project and after a while I had gathered enough images to create nine display boards that showed these captivating facial expressions, making them available for the world to see.

Placing all nine boards in a semicircle before me for the first time was one of the most significant experiences of my life. I felt joy and aliveness coming from all of the photos as if the universe became consciously present in my living room. I invite you to take a look at the Facial Expressions of Strength 🙂


It is a joy to let you know that Betty Kraus, a wonderful Soultype 8 NEATO student, will be a regular contributor to our newsletter in Journey With Betty! For several months she has been sharing her experiences as a new student, which I’m sure many of you are finding fun and interesting to read about. Her articles are also featured on our blog.

EVERY student’s experiences are unique, which is one of the most spectacular parts of training in New Equations. The more a person expands from the soul, the more the beautiful, unique facets of their soul come forward. More and more, the way in which each soul shines their own special light becomes visible. Every student is cherished for who they are. No student strives to “be like” another – but instead, each student becomes stronger in themselves, aligned to their soul, in service of all.

New Equations grows according to Phi, Pi, and the Fibonacci sequence. This means it develops with the universe in multiple ways: in alignment to the mathematics, physics, light, vibration, sound, and music, of the universe. This collaboration is available to all souls – is the birthright of all souls. New Equations is lighting the path.

I look forward to sharing with you the journeys and gifts of all of the New Equations students as we continue to expand in support of life on earth and throughout the universe. This is a hugely exciting, intense and profound time for humanity, filled with the energy of a new light opening like a flower, shining everywhere and through everything.


The entrance to the Luxor Temple showing two huge statues in front of huge pillars

This month I’m happy to show you an excerpt from our new book, The Universal Presence – Nine Forces as One Movement, that Alan Sheets and I are in the process of completing.

During a study group one summer evening in 1994, while standing still and with no apparent movement, I threw Alan across our living room. Everyone could feel and touch the silence in the room when it happened. In that unexplainable moment, Alan and I knew that non-forceful creative energy exists, and we have spent our lives doing research to find the source of our mysterious experience.

Our new book is about spirituality, the physical expressions of the soul, and how to use the physical body to develop from the soul.

The Universal Presence – Nine Forces as One Movement includes many new discoveries and insights about the nine Soultypes, the universe, and humanity, as a means to give us all more wisdom for a solid spiritual foundation.

Force of Nature 8

Source of Creation is vibrating and solid.

Force of Nature 8 gives
peace and expansivness
to a physical foundation for the soul to be in.

The Pulsation it contains creates
the physicality needed to be in relationship
with who you are.

You are your soul,
your spirituality,
and your physicality.

Force of Nature 8 is
always available,
always giving,
and in each present moment
there is new energy to receive.


The entrance to the Luxor Temple showing two huge statues in front of huge pillars

This month it is my pleasure to share with you two chapters about Soultype 9 from a New Translation of the Tao Te Ching that Alan Sheets and I are in the process of completing.

In 2004 Alan and I discovered that the Tao Te Ching is connected to the wisdom of the nine Soultypes, and that it was specifically written to help human beings develop from the soul. 81 chapters in all, it contains nine chapters about each Soultype, and it is the only historical document we have found worldwide that is dedicated to the Soultypes. Learning about the Soultypes from the Tao Te Ching is an extraordinary experience!

Our first translations were published in 2004 and 2005, and now we are pulling out even more information about the Soultypes from this amazing ancient text. We are beyond excited about bringing to you everything about the Soultypes that the Tao Te Ching has to offer.

Soultype 9 Chapter 36

 To be at peace with your deep-seated desires, you must expand.

To soften your deep-seated desires, you must be open.

To give up your deep-seated desires, you must flourish.

To deprive your deep-seated desires, you must give of yourself.

This is called the mystery of the light.

The gentle and the yielding overcome the hard and the forceful.

Force cannot separate you from your deep-seated desires.

Acquisitions cannot help you to know yourself.


Soultype 9 Chapter 63

 Act without doing.

Work without working.

Taste without tasting.

Great is small; more is less.

Respond to everything with the action of your soul.

Deal with the difficult by becoming One.

Ease becomes great through the exquisite.

The difficult endeavors of the sacred physical body flourish through ease.

The sacred physical body’s endeavors arise from the exquisite.

Do not act great, yet accomplish great things.

Ignoring the inarticulate diminishes trust.

Moving becomes very difficult.

The Tao creates ease, not difficulty.

Jenna Tovey smiling
Jenna Tovey
New Equations Communications Manager and Certified Teacher

Jenna is the New Equations Communications Manager as well as a New Equations Certified Teacher. She also has an Energy Healing Practice, Heal Balance Protect. You’ll find her in Los Angeles looking for the best pizza and hoping it will rain soon.