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Over the past several weeks, I have been focusing on Soultype 7—a world that is spiritually, physically, and in every other way, different from my own Soultype 4 world. As I move through the various New Equations practices for Soultype 7, my chin gradually drops and my forehead comes forward, but words are elusive as I try to describe my experience of being with and moving from my Spiritual Portal 7:

There is a lightness and stillness in my head.

A vast, limitless expanse beckons.

I take a step forward . . . maybe two.

I find myself moving without thought.

My body moves seemingly without my direction.

Old familiar clamoring thoughts subside, old judgements and frustrations ease. Despite all the chronic noise in my head, something is there calling me to hear, listen, keep moving, keep hearing, keep listening . . .

I experience a soaring delight in just being me, moving in the utterly unique way that I do—that is me.

I wonder if perhaps this is the limitless openness to the soul and the universe that being with Soultype 7 can bring. What would it be like to live life from this place, free from constant chatter in my head, able to listen to my soul, and able to open to the universe?

No thoughts, no control.

Oh no! I am not ready to let go . . . this is too unfamiliar!

My internal dialogue, conscious and unconscious, asserts its familiar control.

I hold tight to old beliefs and internal struggles.

Who am I without these?

Part of me holds fiercely to illusions about what keeps me safe and what is best for me and others.

I take a bit of a pause from New Equations practices.

For a time I am quite irritable. I bark at family members. I find myself ruminating about how much better it would be if they would change in the ways my mind believes would be helpful.

I watch how forceful I am with myself and with those around me.

I begin again to do Soultype 7 practices.

My body appears to be realigning.

It seems confused . . . then not.

My mind has many thoughts about how to support my body in this process. I try what I have tried with some success before, but my body does not respond to these attempts as it has in the past.

After several days of some intense physical discomfort, a new thought comes to me: Try using Spiritual Portal 7. I surrender and am nudged to let go of everything I know about supporting my body. In an instant, I experience release from the physical and mental constriction that for several days has gripped me. My body feels ever so much lighter and free.

My mind has no idea what to make of this experience.


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Catherine Dickey

Catherine Dickey, Soultype 4, is a student in the NEATO Pathway 2 – Exploration program. You can find her in Dedham, Massachusetts, USA, enjoying connecting deeply with people, animals, and the natural world.