Thank you, Betty, for your story about how quickly humanity is capable of changing and moving in a different direction—an important message for the world. I look forward to seeing humanity’s new path.

— Siska Tovey, Director, New Equations

Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown

A most beautiful handmade paper lies on my desk! It was made with much love and care, and it seems that I can still smell the tree hidden within.

It is blank and the blank emptiness invites me to take up my pen, so that my pen can perform a dance and create an invisible choreographed play—a play that leads me and the reader into a mystical world of the unknown.

I have no idea at all what to write for this blog. Do I have enough trust to be guided by my soul? I lean back in my red armchair and start dreaming. Slowly glimpses appear . . .

I see myself as a child, living with grandparents, my brothers, and my mother’s death emerges. I am too small to be able to grasp the dimension of loss . . . music at home in the evenings so lovely in my ears . . . nature walks with delicacies in the picnic basket . . .

I see the recurring dream from my childhood: being in a huge spaceship, connecting with my friends from outer space . . .

I see the moment of the wounding of my heart, when the fire of my soul was almost extinguished . . .

The empty suitcase shows up (see our Clutter Clearing post) and I suspect a connection to the blank sheet on my desk. Is there another clutter clearing happening?

I breathe into nothingness while time passes as I sit in my red chair. It is impossible to have a mental approach to writing this blog—no ideas come up—it’s blank in me, just like the paper. Breathe and trust I seem to be hearing.

Betty’s Empty Trunk

A memory of a picture given to me a few years ago comes back—a picture of an ice floe.

Many people are living on the ice floe. Everything is going well in their daily routine, until one morning they wake up on a completely new ice floe. Overnight, while sleeping, they were mysteriously transported to a new place without noticing. They are still on an ice floe—one might be tempted to think it is the old one—but it is no longer the one they knew. The previous ice floe no longer exists. The people are greatly confused—they don’t know what has happened to them or how they got there. There was no process—no beginning, middle, or end. No preparation. It happened in an instant.


These words are burning in my heart.

What does my new ice floe look like, I wonder? And, how is New Equations supporting me to find my way around in this new place?

“Wrong question!” I hear in my ear. “New Equations is the new ice floe!”

That can’t be! That is too simple! I am screaming inside.

“Forget the term New Equations,” is the answer, and with that my pen starts to dance.

“The new ice floe represents the pureness of your soul. New Equations has opened your body awareness. That one moment—the moment when you actually experienced the power of your soul—was the moment when you entered something new. You have crossed over from the old being in the familiar world to the new being in a new world.”

Thinking about the absurdity of life on the old ice floe triggers a laughing crying fit in me.

“A new experience of yourself emerged the moment you were Soultyped—so dense and deep—a turning point. When you stand on the new ice floe, everything is very simple. You no longer have to make an effort to look inside, because you already are inside. You can understand and clearly see the unreality of what the old world offered to you as real.

And when you are there, inside, absolutely everything changes—changes completely—and what previously seemed true, natural, normal, real, tangible, appears untrue, unnatural, and unreal.

You have touched something that is extremely true and eternally beautiful, and you will never lose that again.”

The soft, gentle voice continued speaking:

“As soon as Soultyping takes place, a new consciousness occurs, and you can slide into that beautiful new consciousness whenever you want, without losing contact with the things of life. You may fall back a little bit if you experience ignorance from others, but the new consciousness will always be available to you—alive and uplifting. Being Soultyped was, and is, your absolutely tangible experience—something more concrete than the most concrete object.”

My pen flies across the paper. The white blank sheet fills with letters, words, sentences. Such sweetness resonates in my heart—it fills my body with knowingness. I feel like a pilgrim on a path to the beautiful unknown—trusting in, and being in awe and wonder at the wisdom of my soul.

I sit a bit longer in my chair, enjoying the vibrations in the cells of my body—letting my body know the truth of my soul.

I remember words from Mira Alfassa: It seems that one can never understand truly except when one understands with one’s body.

My body starts to understand and wants to dance.

How about dancing together on the new eis-scholle?

Betty Kraus smiling
Betty Kraus

Betty Kraus, Soultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 1 – New Equations Essence program. Betty lives in Freiburg/Black Forest, Germany. She is a Spiritual Grandmother and healer, and offers seminars and transformative journeys in Europe and South-India.