We are more than ever challenged to find strength within ourselves, because we are seeing that those who have authority are not supporting us. We want to use old knowledge without even understanding that it is we who made the knowledge. If all the knowledge that is available to us was really lived and used, the world would not be in the state in which we find it. We seem to be spending most of our time inventing new complications to try to rectify our old complications.

How Much Information is Created

Isn’t it time to use the knowledge that is available to us
to help create the world we are longing for?

It is easy to connect with our soul. It is not complicated because we are born with it—it just flows. It teaches us in every second to be who we are: a human being, a mother, a father, a child, a partner, a parent, a leader, artist, entrepreneur, a spiritual person . . . whatever. The ability to be who we are in each moment is naturally built into us. We have forgotten it a bit and it is time to reconnect with the strength of our soul. The wisdom of our soul is always available to guide us with a new leadership, one where we live from a new state of being—and leave behind our authorities.

New Equationsphysical expressions of the soul brings us elegant and simple ways to be in touch with ourselves in every moment. From this natural innate power, we meet life with self-responsibility.

Fabian smiling and holding tea

Hans-Peter Kraus

Hans-Peter Kraus, Soultype 5, is a student in the NEATO Level 2 – New Equations Expansion program. He enjoys linking bridges that create a balance between different perceptions. Hans-Peter lives on the border triangle of Germany, Switzerland, and France, near Freiburg (Black Forest), Germany.