Janet and The Source Symphony Cover Art

Janet with Janet at Three Rivers cover art

I have had countless extraordinary experiences throughout my years with New Equations. Today, I want to share one experience that has influenced me in many ways.

In the winter of 2010, I had the privilege of meeting Janet, the sister of Siska Tovey (Cofounder of New Equations), for the second time when I traveled from Norway to compose New Equations Music with Siska and her husband, Alan Sheets. It was the previous May when we composed our first pieces together, so we hadn’t been working together for long. Janet had recently moved in with Siska and Alan so they could care for her because she had cancer.

Siska and Alan were planning to go on a special journey with Janet, and they invited me to come with them. We packed up the car, including a keyboard in case there would be an opportunity to create music. Our destination was Three Rivers in California, where we met up with Blue Cloud, an Indigenous American shaman. He worked with ancient wisdom to provide healing and comfort to people. He was an open soul—gentle and filled with strength and love for all of us.

We stayed in a remote, forested area near the river. In addition to exploring and enjoying nature, we met with Blue Cloud each day so Janet could receive his support. As a side note, this wonderful man gave me an eagle feather on our last day there, telling me it was meant for me and would be useful as I continued my path. To this day, I still keep that feather in my living room.

The sessions with Blue Cloud were very touching for me. I was with two sisters, one trying to help the other survive, and at the same time, it was a goodbye. When Blue Cloud and Siska worked with Janet, I could feel the magnificence of the 1 Force of Nature with us, providing us with energy and access to the universe while giving Janet a pathway for transition. At the same time, Alan’s spiritual guide, whom he referred to as the Light Being, was present with flashes of light.

During one of our days in Three Rivers, we drove to Sequoia National Park. Snow covered the ground below the towering sequoia trees that reached heights of up to 67 meters. The trunks were incredibly wide, and we were able to walk inside one of the trees. Their roots connected them, and they surrounded us with protecting energy. I felt the trees talk to me, with whispers coming from their roots. Their whispers told me: It’s going to be alright. Keep holding onto your foundation, to the strength that the Earth and universe provide.

Then the moment arrived—new music seemed to be knocking at our door. Siska, Janet, Alan, and I gathered in the cabin. I sat down at the keyboard, my back at the wall. Janet, a Soultype 1, sat at the foot of the bed. Siska leaned back against the headboard, and Alan set himself up at a little table with the recording equipment. I put the keyboard into the New Equations Frequency for Soultype 1.

A pentagon shaped rock with a treble clef on it

Source (Portal 1) Symphony Cover Art

Janet’s vulnerability was powerful and strong in a way that is only possible for a Soultype 1. She lifted her chin and softened her eyes. I could feel universal energy pouring into the room. Siska nodded to me, and Alan pressed the record key on the computer. I began to play.

The universe opened because of Janet. I felt love and light flowing to us, and among the stars, I found music to play. Janet watched me for a short while and then closed her eyes, keeping her chin high. She placed her hand lightly on her throat. For me, Janet was the instrument, Siska was the conductor aligning everything, I was the musician, and Alan received it all.

This was my first conscious experience of a pure physical expression of Soultype 1 and its wisdom and gifts. I was privileged to go on this trip with a family that was following a spiritual path, a path that contained not only grief for everyone but also unwavering determination as Siska wanted to do everything she could for Janet. I learned what it means to support a person from the depths of one’s soul.

Because of Blue Cloud, I experienced Indigenous American wisdom. He gave selflessly and made me realize the important ways in which indigenous cultures help us progress by fostering a connection with the Earth and the universe.

Janet brought something new to the world—an expanded state of vulnerability and openness to the strength of the universe. A few months later, Janet transitioned. However, she continues to share her Soultype 1 gifts with humanity and the universe through her enduring connection with Siska.

As you listen to the music, perhaps you will sense the eternity of your own soul.

Siv Roland – Leader of New Equations Europe

Siv Roland

Siv Roland is the leader of New Equations Europe and a Soultype Instructor.