A woman dives head first into a technicolor ocean that resembles a galaxy

At the New Equations Music retreat last month, as in other New Equations events, workshops, and sessions where we dive into the unknown in order to transform and evolve, we often describe our experiences as jumping off cliffs. I believe that, for myself and perhaps for others, this phrase took on a whole new meaning this time. I can’t say for sure why this was the case, but I suspect it had something to do with the hugeness and expansion that the Nine Discs Symphonies created.

There is a reason why, when New Equations Music is composed, it is called an evolution. The music creates an opening for humanity as a whole, so we can all embrace new energy, expansion, and movement. What is clear to me at this point is that the evolution that happened during last month’s music retreat was a beginning.

Evolution is a very intense process for the mind—sometimes uncomfortably intense. This is because the mind is most comfortable using old patterns and structures to try to predict the future, analyze the past, or control the present. It does not want to let go of this way of being. An uncomfortable intensity can happen that can only be resolved when embracing transformation and allowing the soul to lead. Then, the attachments, cravings, and old ways of being dissolve.

For me personally, there were times during the retreat when my mind was in an intensely uncomfortable place, and I had to keep making the choice to continue and do the next thing, whatever that next thing was. The next thing could have been making a grocery run, helping with meal preparation, or fully participating in whatever exercise or conversation was happening to prepare for that day’s music evolution. Whenever I stayed with the process . . . magic happened! The ways in which the evolution and transformation affected me were surprising and completely unexpected. I had feelings of lightness and freedom unlike anything I had experienced before.

Another phrase that had a special meaning during this retreat came from a fun story that Siska Tovey told about a person jumping from a cliff. I don’t remember the details of the story itself, but the phrase that came from it was in response to the question, “How’s it going?” Assuming they are still metaphorically in free-fall, the response was, “So far, so good.” That best describes where I am currently with respect to my own personal evolution and cliff jumping—so far, so good!

Alan Sheets smiling outside

Laurel Avery

 Soultype 7

Laurel is a student in the NEATO Pathway 3 – Assistant Spiritual Researcher program. She is exploring planet Earth, inspired by its spectacular beauty while searching for her next landing place. She creates children’s picture books and 3D animated art to expand the wisdom of the Soultypes in the world.