Soultype 1

Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990), affectionately known as “Lenny,” was a conductor, composer, pianist, author, educator and humanitarian. As a Soultype 1, he freely and openly used his Soultype to find his creative path.

Bernstein was dedicated to supporting and conducting many of the world’s leading orchestras. In addition to the gift of music that he brought to all of us, he lived his life in service to humanity by advocating for civil rights and peace.

Leonard Bernstein

In the photos above, you can see Bernstein showing the Facial Expression of Strength for Soultype 1. His chin is lifted, his neck is gently stretched upwards, and his eyes are soft. The Spiritual Portal for Soultype 1 is at the top of the throat.

Soultype 1s are connected to the unimaginable, spiritual, and creative magic that made the universe. Bernstein shares his awareness of how music expresses this magic in his quote below:

Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.

— Leonard Bernstein

Bernstein scored a library of compositions that includes the classic Broadway musical West Side Story and the operetta Candide. For many years he was principal conductor for the New York Philharmonic orchestra, and was also one of the first conductors from the United States to receive international acclaim.


Above is a gif we made of Bernstein conducting in The Making of West Side Story (1984). In this documentary you can see Bernstein conduct the entirety of his most renowned musical. The movements of Soultype 1 are visible in his conducting style. His chin lifts to open his throat, his eyes soften, and his hands lift up in alignment with Spiritual Portal 1.

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