Looking Deep

Looking Deep

It is so nice to share my journeys with you!

I could never have imagined that my living room would turn into a soul-expanding ‘training camp,’ but this is exactly what happened.

Since I have had to stay home in quarantine and social distance because of Covid-19, I grabbed my chance: the lockdown would become my opportunity to look deep. I began to intensively practice the New Equations Spiritual and Physical Postures, alongside other spiritual practices. Nothing is more important to me than being in alignment with the energy of my soul as much as possible, so this was nothing but a delight—although my body started to react to the incoming amount of new energy in all kinds of ways which were changing every day.

Going into silent observation, I took time to lie down on the comfortable sofa in my living room and listened attentively to the language of my body. I went deeper and deeper. It seemed as if my body was about to merge with the Earth and become One with it. Keeping myself alert while wondering about the arising bodily sensations, I tried to surrender without questioning the experiences, and my body relaxed into it and trusted the inner journey.

Magnificent images surfaced and led me deeper into connection with that sweet spot in me: my soul. While surrendering and trusting the process I continuously heard the words: Allow the hidden doors of knowledge to open!

I felt connected to an eye-opening NEATO training I had attended on Zoom a few weeks before. The topic we explored was ‘relationship and structure,’ and I pondered over old structures I’ve held onto in my personal life which are not needed anymore. I observed the structure within the workings of my body. The question arose: if my body was a representation of the material world, as I had experienced by becoming One with the Earth, what would it look like in my body?

Taking rest on my sofa, somehow drifting away, I was taken on an inner journey. I suddenly saw my body structures breaking down and my body turned into a huge sheet of white paper—nothing was left of my body, just a big flat piece of paper. I had fallen into pieces and disintegrated, and the structure of my entire body: organs, bloodstream, bones, etc., was gone . . . nothing was left . . . only this big piece of white paper somehow representing my consciousness.

My body temperature went up, not much, but enough for me to sense it. With great curiosity I watched what was happening inside me and it seemed that a new body wanted to arise out of my consciousness.

Betty’s Symbols – Looking Deep Blog

Betty’s drawings of the symbols she saw

I could not see that a new body had been built, but I could see symbols representing different energies being placed inside my new body. When the experience stopped, I felt refreshed and was filled with deep spiritual joy. All that had been difficult for my body vanished and only joy was left.


What had happened? What had been shown to me? I had somehow experienced a change taking place in my body at the foundation of existence— perceived by my empty mind—and breath taking in its dimension.

A door had opened. Was the reason for my aches and pains because I had been holding on to old structures? What I can say is that my experience helped me to not be fearful of ANY change, even when physical laws lose their control, and all structure breaks down.

By becoming one with expansion and not being afraid, I could love the present moment of my experience and become available for more soul knowledge to be discovered IN my body. By centering my consciousness around my soul, I had a taste of liberty and freedom from all outside influences and old programs. The hidden door of knowledge had opened briefly; I had taken just one step, and yet I experienced the whole world moving.

False Door in London – Looking Deep

False door from Egypt

What a loving, caring, and expansive experience had been given to me! It touched me deeply. While I was being wrapped in love, I found that the collapse of structure is totally safe. It was shown to me that Love is ever-expanding and can never be squeezed into a structure. It is impossible. If I try, it will stop my mystical dance with life—and my body will revolt.

I always like adding that I am a Soultype 8 and a student of NEATO Level II learning about the nonforceful Spiritual Postures and Postures of Strength for all nine Soultypes. I am eagerly discovering more about my body, my life, and the world.

I am aware that sometimes my body needs to adjust to beautiful, but unfamiliar energy. These are times when I say to myself: Well, you are in a soul-expanding ‘training camp’!

There is much more to come . . . so much more!

Enjoy the magical dance of your life!

Betty Kraus

Betty Kraus smiling

Betty Kraus

Betty Kraus, Soultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 2 – New Equations Expansion program. Betty lives in Freiburg/Black Forest, Germany. She is a Spiritual Grandmother and healer, and offers seminars and transformative journeys in Europe and South India.