This month Betty Kraus is sharing with you her experiences in Level 1 of the New Equations Advanced Training Organization, and more about her life journey and how it led her to New Equations.

Siska Tovey, Director and Cofounder of New Equations, speaks to the importance of being with the soul experiences of others, such as Betty’s:

EVERY student’s experiences are unique, which is one of the most spectacular parts of training in New Equations. The more a person expands from the soul, the more the beautiful, unique facets of their soul come forward. More and more, the way in which each soul shines their own special light becomes visible. Every student is cherished for who they are. No student strives to “be like” another – but instead, each student becomes stronger in themselves, aligned to their soul, in service of all.

Betty Kraus first began her New Equations Journey in 2017. In 2018, Betty was typed as a Soultype 8, and she is now in the New Equations Advanced Training Organization. Betty lives in Sölden/Freiburg, Germany, and for over thirty years she has practiced healing touch in Germany, India, and the USA.

Betty sitting at a table and smiling

Betty Kraus in Berlin, Germany

My Journey Continues

My Journey Continues

I completed my New Equations Soultyping Journey by being Soultyped … that was what I thought … but life had different plans, and after a few months of joyfully digging into and exploring being a Soultype 8, my soul lovingly suggested that I look into what the New Equations Advanced Training Organization is all about…

What can I say? Of course! I wanted to stretch my newness. I took the challenge of the 36-Day Practice (the 27-Day and 18-Day Practices were still waiting for me) and went deeply into it. Most of the time I was not in the comfort zone of my living room because I had a busy schedule taking me out of the country and to different places in Germany. My commitment made me do the exercises no matter what the circumstances – so I squeezed into small kitchen corners, used a balcony, hallways, forests, parks, basement, stepped on toys in my grandson’s play corner, was locked away in a bathroom, and yes, sometimes was at my home. The energy contained in my commitment was my driving force and everything went smoothly.

Emailing Siv my daily reports was pure joy and an important support for the start of my NEATO journey – and helpful for my own reflection – and now I have a rich journal, a jewel, a communication report from my soul. Doing the 36-Day Practice means 648+ precise experiences!

More and more I understood the different words connected to each Spiritual Portal, but even more, I physically felt the portals of my body opening and the interconnection between them. What I had heard many times from Siv about the ‘spiritual tool belt’ (the eight other Spiritual Portals supporting your own Soultype) started to become alive. I was on “high” and I could observe myself shifting into a new energy. Countless deep experiences, although often in a flash, accompanied my days. But also the feeling of contentment, deep joy, and lots of laughter without any particular reason, became my state of being.

Re-reading my ‘jewel journal’ I am breathless. Within just a few days (after all, 36 days is not that long) I have been led through a soul’s journey of high importance for my life. Not only were there insights, revelations, new understandings, and physical newness, but I can also see in a profound new way that the steps I’ve taken in my life have led me to where I am now.

When I was introduced to New Equations I spontaneously said that this would be the last thing I would pass on to others – something felt complete in me. During the 36-Day process, somewhere near the end, I remembered a long-ago-past-life (which I have been aware of for many years). Allow me to take you on a little trip with me on my NEATO journey into this past life.

A lake covered in lilies and surrounded by trees
In this past life, I had been living close to a lake. I had a special relationship with that lake – I felt like I was the lake – I must have been a Soultype 8 🙂 There was a special intimacy – I knew the soul of this water, and I was prepared for something important: the knowledge about the Soul of the Waters would be spread all over the globe … everything was ready! But something happened … humanity did not want to receive this consciousness … the Divine Consciousness was not wanted! In my grief, I had made a vow that was now being revealed to me again while doing the 36 days.
There I was, near Stockholm, wanting to go to the forest to do my exercise, but instead I was taken to a lake, a refuge for all kind of birds, covered with hundreds of water lilies – the flower of Sri Aurobindo 🙂 – you remember? I was guided to New Equations via the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India. Being entranced by nature I did not pay much attention to the experiences I was having in my Spiritual Portals, which later I found was my soul’s plan. At one point, while doing the exercise, I was brought back into the memory of exactly that past life where I was living in intimacy with a lake.
Two pink lilies in the water
At that lake in Sweden the vow I had made long, long ago was brought back to me. What I had decided was this: I would not come back until humanity was open to receiving the Divine Consciousness, and then, and only then, would I fulfill my calling.

This is what New Equations revealed to me. This is why it makes me feel so complete as I spread the wisdom of New Equations and Soultyping opportunities all over the planet! This is how New Equations supports humanity in evolution. Now it is the time – now people are open to receive the beauty of their souls!

When I was finished, I walked back and chose a path through the forest. Everything was so illuminated by sunbeams, the ground so soft – on one side I heard the seagulls and from the other side the birds from the forest – I walked back slowly, feeling complete. The 36 days, with still some more days to go, for me had served their purpose.

After being Soultyped, my daughter looked at the picture of me in my Soultype 8 strength (taken while I was being Soultyped), and said, “You look like the time in your life when the unshakeable primal trust, and the knowledge that you are who you are, without compromise, was still in you.”
I am about to continue with the 27-Day Practice and I am very curious about what will happen. The destiny is clear: Serving Humanity with the support of New Equations and in the Wisdom of our Souls.

I shared only one highlight; I had some others, in connection with Egypt. If you are interested in reading about them, check back next month!

Meanwhile, always drink from the compassion and wisdom of your soul – or, as the Egyptians say: May you always drink from the Nile.

-Betty Kraus

Betty Kraus smiling

Betty Kraus

Betty Kraus, Soultype 8, is a student in the NEATO Level 1 – New Equations Essence program. Betty lives in Freiburg/Black Forest, Germany. She is a Spiritual Grandmother and healer, and offers seminars and transformative journeys in Europe and South-India.