Meet the Composers – The Sound Aligners

Through sound we align you to keys of the universe;
our music introduces you to the frequencies and vibrations that are
the physical and spiritual building blocks for growth and evolution.
— The Sound Aligners

In 2009, Siska Tovey, Alan Sheets, and conductor/musician Siv Roland, came together as The Sound Aligners. They create music that aligns the body’s spirituality with the spirituality of the universe which helps people move forward in a peaceful way. Their music is created in the magic of the present moment; in other words, the music is not planned, arranged, rehearsed or composed prior to a concert when it is heard for the very first time – each note becomes manifested at the very moment is played. Every symphony arrives from the universe as a full and complete composition, is recorded in one take, and is never played again live. Every note brings to earth sound that is in harmony with the universe. The Sound Aligners travel worldwide presenting New Equations Music concerts.

New Equations Music is possible because of a spiritual connection between Siska, Alan, Siv, and the universe. Siv plays the instruments in vibration with the music of the universe, Siska aligns the music to the earth and the universe as she is holding the openness for it to happen, and Alan receives what the music contains and holds it as a foundation for human beings.

All New Equations Music is composed and played in particular Body Resonant Frequencies™ and Pythagorean tuning so the sound supports each person who listens to it. This creates harmony between the body and the universe because it aligns the body to the nine Spiritual Portals/Soultypes ( Each Spiritual Portal/Soultype has its own special Body Resonant Frequency. 

The Sound Aligners offer New Equations Music as high resolution downloads (CD quality/WAV). Samples of every piece are available and free to listen to on our product pages under “Shop” above, as well as a monthly streaming music selection.


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Siska Tovey

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Alan Sheets

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Siv Roland


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