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After nine weeks of practicing the nine Soultypes, I could feel that they had all expanded within my physical body. My body is now far more flexible, and I can feel this flexibility whenever I shift from one Soultype to another. I can feel the energy in my bones, hips, legs, and soles of my feet. Most importantly, I can feel how my head has found a new place on my spine. My body stretches in a new way.

When I was in chaos, my head tilted forward. Now, it can relax on my spine and has found a new place to feel safe. I can breathe in a brand-new way without fear, without dwelling on the past or the future. I am more present in meetings, and this brings peace to my mind. My newfound quietness has created a space for my body to expand into and trust that I won’t subject it to stressful thoughts and actions.

Beneath my feet, I can feel the connection to the ground and the Earth without wanting to run away at the first surge of energy that hits. Now, my body can listen to what my soul whispers and attune to the spiritual energy that surrounds me in every situation. In a way, I can’t believe that this has happened—it is mind-blowing. My mind isn’t teaching my body anything—I am expanding because I have made room for my soul.

Now, I understand that my mind can’t teach my body—it’s my soul that is my teacher. So, I need to listen to my soul’s whispers—sometimes they are loud, sometimes they are wordless, sometimes they come to me in pictures, and sometimes in sentences. Now, I understand that I have a body that was designed for me from birth, and that I have special gifts, just like every Soultype 6 on the planet.

I know how to listen to the energy that constantly surrounds me when my Spiritual Portal is open at the middle of my sternum.

I possess a physical openness that allows me to receive the gentle, warm, and vibrant spiritual energy that exists in everything and is everywhere. I can find a true spiritual path wherever I am. Intensity has become my friend, and I no longer collapse when encountering strong energy from the people I meet.

I open my expanded ribcage to be fully present and allow my heart to receive spiritual energy in my chest.

I can now vibrate with the spiritual energy of the universe and find a path that is alive and true.

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Janne Ulfstein

Janne Ulfstein, Soultype 6, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 – New Equations Certified Teacher program. Janne lives in Oslo, Norway, and likes to write, walk, and talk!