Missing You

Missing You

Sunset shining through the forest

Your warm gaze in the moonlight
so unconditionally loving
Has your quiet strength
both vulnerable and giving
found peace?

Are the tones of your soul
wrapped without ribbons?
Have you found life and happiness?
Rest in your clenching hand?

Are you hearing soft colors of darkness
from when you played young and free?
When you almost were your own
dance and translucent melody?

In sadness
these thoughts revolve so quickly
Then the magic of your soul appears
showing its light in the space of infinity

Resting in the arms of silence

Ingrid Smiling Outside

Ingrid Mellingen

Ingrid is a Soultype 3 and a student in the NEATO Level 3 – New Equations Creative Soul program.
Ingrid lives in Oslo, Norway, with her two dogs, Chili and Pepper.