A fire burning on the beach

Don’t let fear stop you
Be one with the Earth and Universe
Big things are coming
You need to be ready

Do you see the trees?
They move for you
Do you see the bees?
They move with you
Do you see the vibrant flowers?
They embrace you with oneness

Be aware
Be kind
Be understanding
Let your soul guide you
You deserve a world that is kind

Be ready for the young ones
They know
Their souls are expanding

You must move forward to be able to see
Do not hide in yourself
You are ready

Jenna Tovey smiling

Jenna Tovey

Jenna Tovey, Soultype 2, is a student in the NEATO Level 4 – New Equations Soultype Instructor program. She is currently traveling the world, enjoying the beauty and soul of each city she visits. You’ll find her making friends with every cat she meets.