The True Alive Path Umbrellas

If I had to choose one thing, and only one thing, to take with me to a remote island, I would choose music. Music is the colour, the fabric, the wonderful fragrance, and the light in my life. I walk on and with music, and there is always a tune dancing in my head.

My love for music took many forms and so did the way I use my breath. If you decide to take on a musical instrument, you will likely choose between a string, cord, rhythm, or wind instrument. It was very clear to me that I had no interest in playing a string or cord instrument—I liked rhythm and wind. My father had played a wind instrument in an orchestra, so I was drawn to the music they make.

In the beginning, most school kids play the recorder—you may remember that time when the gentle air was blown into a wooden flute. I liked it very much that the sound was clear and pure. The recorder is not an instrument you play much in groups; therefore, my natural progression was to play the flute. I found it fantastic that all my breath could go through a quite big mouthpiece and the air would form a sound. I loved to play the flute, but flute music is lively and required much rehearsing. I noticed that I was not diligent enough and I leaned towards lyrical melodies. Then I witnessed a concert, the Double Violin Concerto in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. It can be played with one violin and one oboe, which is the way I heard it. The concert was magical—the sound of the oboe spoke to my heart, and I knew that it was my next step.

So, I learned to play the oboe. When playing this instrument, one’s breath runs through a very tiny mouthpiece that is made from bamboo. It is as if you hold your breath—basically, you breathe in too much air, and at the end of a musical phrase you must get rid of a big part of the air. Your breath does not really flow. However, I loved to play the oboe and create its unique melancholic and intense sound. I went on to play in many excellent and enthusiastic orchestras.

The True Alive Path Umbrellas

I began to understand that I wanted to play the oboe because it is very similar to the human voice. The moment I became aware of this, I started to take singing lessons. What a joy and relief! I had found my instrument! I learned how to use my voice and breath to create a fuller sound for my preferred music. I started to sing standard jazz pieces and began to sing in a gospel choir. The songs are ambitious, like Amazing Grace, which requires holding a lot of breath to sing long lines of music. We give it our all!

Now I have been introduced to Spiritual Portal 9 and it is such a blessing! I was accustomed to a certain way of breathing into my belly, my sides, my back, my . . . you name it! But when Spiritual Portal 9 became available to me, I suddenly was able to breathe easily—I only have to concentrate on my 9 spot between my shoulder blades and breathe from there. Immediately my body receives the full monty and frees me from gasping—such an easy and light way to fill myself with the required air!

Concert season begins soon, and I will use my breath booster: Spiritual Portal 9!

Janne smiling in a red hat

Maja Müller

Maja Müller, Soultype 5, is a student in the NEATO Level 2 – New Equations Expansion program. You can find her in Basel, Switzerland, singing in a gospel choir and learning to play the piano.