Candle in a brass bowl on a bed of pink and orange flower petals

I have been doing New Equations training for many years. The more I engage with this work, the more continuously and tangibly I experience how important it is for each one of us to trust our own soul and pay attention to this way of living.

Aliveness begins with exquisite gentleness in my relationship with me.

From this place I can drop into myself and in some mysterious way feel ease, as if I am held in, and by, the universe.

These past few weeks I have been focusing on expanding and deepening my experience of Soultype 1, as well as myself as a Soultype 4. Being with Soultype 1 brings softness, an exquisite gentleness, and a sense of the mystery of life that words are inadequate to describe.

I know in a profound and real way what it means for me to live in this world and negotiate my life without force; that is, to be in relationship with myself, with others, and the many dimensions of life, while allowing the gentlest and most alive impulses within me to lead in each moment.

Alan Sheets smiling outside

Catherine Dickey

Catherine Dickey, Soultype 4, is a student in the NEATO Level 3 – New Equations Creative Soul program. You can find her in Dedham, Massachusetts, USA, enjoying connecting deeply with people, animals, and the natural world.