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2014 is soon ending and the year has been a spectacular journey of growth for us and New Equations. The wisdom of New Equations continues to help create paths for the soul to expand both spiritually and physically. The support and wisdom that we have received through the nine Forces of Nature has been amazing.

Some of what is coming up in 2015 is listed below, including a retreat and concerts that you are welcome to attend!




We have long known that pre-dynastic Egypt was the cradle of New Equations wisdom. In January, we will be taking a group of our qualified teachers and assistants to Egypt for a month to learn more about the physical expressions of the soul. We will research ways in which we can help bring spiritual energy more fully to humanity. Visits to ancient sites, such as the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, the Luxor Temple, and the Sphinx, will help us connect with pre-dynastic Egypt so we can further develop our spiritual research. This trip will include composing nine New Equations Music concerts at the base of the Great Pyramid! We will let you know about new discoveries, developments, and music, in future posts and in the New Equations Foundation Newsletter.



We will hold a training for teachers in the New Equations Advanced Training Organization. This retreat will support the evolution that happened in Egypt. Music that we compose in connection with the Forces of Nature during this retreat will help us to grow, develop, and expand. Space is available for anyone who would like to step into a New Equations advanced experience. Prerequisite: you have been soultyped. More about this event coming soon!



We will meet our New Equations composing partner, Siv Roland, in her hometown of Oslo, Norway, and then travel far north to Sandsøya, Bjarkøy, a small island off the coast. We will compose music and hold concerts that are open to the public under the northern lights with the energy of nature and the people of Norway. This music will help human beings evolve in alignment with each other. 

Stay tuned for more about these and other events happening around the world during 2015 through our websites, Facebook, and the New Equations Foundation Newsletter ~

Siska and Alan

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