New Equations Music Concerts – June 2016 – California USA

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Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets cofounders New Equations photo in hammockSiv Roland Playing on the Beach









June 20 – 29, 2016 Retreat 


Location: San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Prerequisite: To participate in this retreat you must be a member of the New Equations Advanced Training Organization (click here for more information).

There is no prerequisite to attend the daily concerts, everyone is welcome! Join us while New Equations Music is composed in the present moment. These concerts will be held daily from June 21 – 29. See registration details below.

New Equations cofounders, Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets, will hold a ten day retreat June 20-29, 2016, to expand everyone’s view of their own soul, spirituality, and physicality, through the creation of new music that evolves in the present moment. Evolution through music also gives you an opportunity to learn through discontinuity, where your whole being is participating to move yourself and others into an expanded alignment with each other, the earth, and the universe.

The nine physical expressions of the soul – the Soultypes – are the spiritual essence of human physicality. When the soul evolves it affects who you are, what you do, what you see, what you experience, and how you continue your movement as a human being. New Equations knowledge around the nine Forces of Nature gives you an opportunity to align with who you are and to be a part of evolution through music and sound.

There are hotels and B&Bs where you can stay, and many restaurants and other places where you can buy wonderful food which will support your journey with us.

We would love to have you join us and participate in the magic!

Where: San Anselmo, California, USA; address will be provided upon registration

Concert Fee: $25 to attend a concert. Concert dates: June 21 – June 29. Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Concerts are open to the public! If you would like to join us you can pay the fee upon arrival. Preregistration is required. To hold your space, contact us through the information below.

Become a New Equations Music Ambassador! Music Ambassadors may attend any one of these concerts for free; you will also receive a backstage tour after the concert with Siv Roland, our New Equations Music musician / composer, and Jenna Tovey, our Ambassador Coordinator, as well as other benefits! 

Preregistration required for retreat and concerts: Contact Jenna at 1-415-459-6796 (USA), International phone 001-415-459-6796


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