Jenna Tovey and Leean Gill are using their professional training in film to create our New Equations videos!

Years ago I used to cut and past graphics to make our New Equations posters, handouts, and display boards, and shipped them around the world to be used in presentations. Little did I know that many years later we would communicate Soultype wisdom throughout the world using internet platforms. Instead of packing up handouts into suitcases and FedEx boxes, we use technologies that are even more far-reaching.

Thank you, Jenna and Leean, for your beautiful videos and posts on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn!

Tiktok of a poem titled: We have a choice
Tiktok titled: what's similar, pt 3
Alan Sheets smiling outside

Siska Tovey

Siska Tovey is the Director and Cofounder of New Equations and New Equations Music.