I’m happy to share with you two poems written by Fabian Jahren. Fabian wrote this first poem while listening to Fire – Portal 1, from the Elements with Source Symphony. Fabian is a Soultype 5 and is a student in the New Equations Advanced Training Organization. Click the video below to listen to an excerpt from Fire while you read his words.

Every being is unique
How we see the planet earth
And the universe’s birth
Fly away in sky so high
Trust the feeling, trust the why
Every feeling is unique
This is why we learned to speak

So the light is all around

Making feelings, making sound
Be with who you really are
As yourself without a scar
Feel connection, feel the smile
See the world of stories while
Support from the universe is with us
The support of light with love and trust

This next poem came to Fabian while listening to Water – Portal 2 from the Elements with Source Symphony. Click the Youtube link to listen to an excerpt from Water while you read his words.

Time is right
Words to come
The soul is free
Feel and evolve
The meaning of life
will shine in its light
The dance
The music
The energy of light

It is so exciting to see the creativity of the soul expand and how New Equations Music supports expansion for the New Equations Advanced Training Organization students.

If you ever create something while listening to New Equations Music, please send it to us! We would love to see what you create and maybe feature it on one of our blogs!

You can purchase Fire and Water in our updated New Equations Music Shop, as well as other Symphonies, Pesdjets, and Practices.

Jenna Tovey, a young woman, New Equations Communications Manager
Jenna Tovey
New Equations Communications Manager and Certified Teacher

Jenna is the New Equations Communications Manager as well as a New Equations Certified Teacher. She also has an Energy Healing Practice, Heal Balance Protect. You’ll find her in Los Angeles looking for the best pizza and hoping it will rain soon.