New Equations Practice – Music and PDF

New Equations Practice © 2014 by New Equations 
Music composed by Siska Tovey, Siv Roland, Alan Sheets
Music performed by Siv Roland

New Equations Practice – Music and PDF helps you align your soul, your spirituality, and your physicality, through the nine Spiritual Portals of your body. Each of us is born with one of our Spiritual Portals more open and stronger than the others, but to be able to grow, develop, and evolve, we need them all to work together. In this way, you are able to grow in support of yourself, your surroundings, the earth, and the universe. 

New Equations Practice gives you nine different physical experiences, different knowledge, different wisdom, and a different spiritual feeling for each Spiritual Portal so that you may have an opportunity to evolve from your soul, to your spirituality, to your physicality. You can then start to give and receive from all nine Spiritual Portals as you move into your future.

New Equations Practice – Music and PDF: includes 1 hour of music from the Nine Movements in Harmony Symphony (a piece for each of the nine Spiritual Portals) and a 28 page pdf practice guide with drawings of the Spiritual Portal locations on the body, as well as a free set of nine photo pages showing the beautiful Facial Expressions of Strength.

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New Equations Practice Music and PDF

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