New Equations Spiritual Postures

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The world today is a pretty stressful place to be. Prejudice, war and insane politicians dominate the news cycle, people’s rights are being taken away, and hate crimes are rampant.

Even with all of the people who are doing good in the world (which is a lot of people!), it can still be pretty hard to find calmness, happiness, and balance within yourself. Of course you should always be paying attention and standing up for what you believe in – but if you lose yourself in the process, nobody wins. 

Every day I hear the people around me and people on the internet asking for help on how to stay sane and grow during this chaotic time in history, which is why I’m sharing the New Equations Spiritual Postures with you. 

The New Equations Spiritual Postures are an easy, quick, and cheep no-nonsense way of not just staying sane, but also growing and evolving.

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The New Equations Spiritual Postures are made up of nine different body positions, each one correlating with one of the nine Soultypes/Portals. (If you don’t know yet about the Soultypes – you can go here, and find out about all nine Soultypes and the amazing gifts each one brings to the world.) When you put your body into each of these nine positions (don’t worry, they’re super easy!) and listen to the New Equations Music that accompanies it, your body receives wisdom and guidance from the universe.

This 15 minute practice is not like other meditations you’ve done before. This is because while you’re doing it you’re not just finding a centered, clam and happy place within yourself – you’re actively doing something that is helping you and others. Every time you do the practice, you connect to the forces of nature and your soul – helping you grow as a person. This growth helps you to see yourself and the world in a new way. You’ll find yourself more open to the magic and possibilities of life. 

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To learn the Spiritual Postures you are led by Siska Tovey, the leader and cofounder of New Equations. In an instructional video she demonstrates and explains how to do each of the nine Spiritual Postures. 

If you are interested in doing the Spiritual Postures, you can purchase them here from the New Equations Music Website for $9.99. If you purchase the Spiritual Postures you will receive two instructional videos, the music that you need, as well as a PDF document of where the Spiritual Portals are located.

We hope you enjoy doing the Spiritual Postures – we can’t wait to hear about your journey!

Jenna Tovey-New Equations Happiness Blogger

– Jenna



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