Soultype 1 by Alan Sheets


Finally! This October we will compose more New Equations Music!

The pandemic prevented us from traveling for such a long time, but now Siv will join me in California, and once again, we will compose music together. NEATO students are already booking their tickets as well!

New Equations Music uses frequencies that align the Spiritual Portals and the Soultypes with the universe. Specifically, the music is magical—it expands and evolves the wisdom of the nine Soultypes. The personal connection with the universe for everyone present becomes very alive.

We will compose nine symphonies, one for each Soultype.

I look forward to sharing more, and we will keep you posted as the date draws closer!

Alan Sheets smiling outside

Siska Tovey

Siska Tovey is the Director and Cofounder of New Equations and New Equations Music.