New Symphonies Composed at Mt. Shasta, California

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Composer Siv Roland composing symphonies at Mt. Shasta
We just returned from Mt. Shasta, California, USA, where we composed the Spiritual Circles Symphonies (3 1/2 hours) and The Waves of Colored Light Symphonies (7 hours) in connection with the Nine Forces of Nature, the volcano that connects deep into the earth, and this beautiful countryside. These symphonies diminish fear without using force, making more room for Source – so people are more able to evolve and give from pure soul. We will make this music available as soon as we can. Photo: Composer Siv Roland finishes playing the final piece on our last day.

Existence arises from the Source and its truth is gentle.
It contains your whole being from soul to spirituality to physicality;
and that existence together is true, gentle and contains no fear
because its creation comes from the Source.

— Alan, Siska, Siv, The Sound Aligners

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