Our Latest Creation – The Mahrillon Spiral Recordings

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Mahrillon Spiral Symphony

Last week we completed two symphonies and a Pesdjet. The music contains humanity’s history. It includes spiritual wisdom from Mahrillon (the Sphinx), Ancient Egypt, Ancient Mesopotamia, and the time when the creation of the spirituality of the Earth arose. These pieces connect the beauty of the past with the present, helping to align the best of humanity throughout time. The wisdom and energy of the music helps human beings spiritually move together into the future.





The Mahrillon Spiral recordings are:


1. The Mahrillon Spiral Pesdjet (Portals 1-9)

Each of the nine compositions in this Pesdjet is like a galaxy of spiraling color and light.


2. The Mahrillon Spiral Symphony

This symphony has five movements.

– One Creation (Portal 1)

– One Breath (Portal 9)

– One Vibration (Portal 4)

– The Tuned Triangle – Three Moving as One (Portals 1,3,2)

– The Five Colored Spiral – Five Moving as One (Portals 5,6,7,8,9)


3. The Source Symphony

This symphony has eleven movements. It begins with a source piece, then continues with a movement for each of the nine portals, starting with Portal 5 at the top of the head. It completes with another source piece.

– Aligned with source #1

– Portal 5 top of head

– Portal 7 forehead

– Portal 1 throat

– Portal 3 upper sternum

– Portal 6 mid chest

– Portal 9 between shoulder blades

– Portal 2 solar plexus

– Portal 4 lower abdomen

– Portal 8 sacrum/hips

– Aligned with source #2


The Mahrillon music will be available on our website by the end of October.

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