Pesdjet II Create a Pathway to Your Soul – Guided Meditation with Alan Sheets

Meditation by Alan Sheets November 2011
Music performed by Siv Roland
Music composed November 2011 by: Alan Sheets, Siska Tovey, Siv Roland

Your physical body has nine places that are connection points to your spiritual body. Each one is a spiritual portal. In the meditation Pesdjet II Create a Pathway to Your Soul, you will pay attention to each spiritual portal in a way that helps you gain a deeper experience of their nature and purpose. The music guides you to more deeply experience your own soul and add the spiritual dimension to your understanding of your body. The portal order of the pieces that you will be listening to on Pesdjet II is 1-4-2-8-5-7-9-6-3.

The Pesdjet Guided Meditation series prepares and supports your physical body so you can begin the process of developing a deep and lasting relationship with your spiritual body and soul. These 90-minute meditations help you to align your physical body with your spiritual body, creating a physical pathway to spiritual transformation.

In order to attain and keep a spiritual balance, it is important to complete a Pesdjet meditation in one sitting because each meditation includes working with all nine spiritual portals. When you experience all nine, you are more likely to achieve a state of being where you are more aligned with your spiritual nature. This allows you to begin the process of living your daily life from this state of being.

We invite you to listen to Alan Sheets, cofounder of New Equations, reading the introduction to each of the Pesdjet Guided Meditations. When you finish the introduction, click on the link for Pesdjet III to go to the next in the series. You may like to close your eyes while listening to the words and music of the introductions. We also offer a free useful six page illustrated meditation guide.

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Pesdjet II Create a Pathway to Your Soul – Guided Meditation with Alan Sheets
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