Pesdjet III Music from the Nine (Portals 1-9)

Performed by Siv Roland
Composed November 2011 by: Siska Tovey, Siv Roland, Alan Sheets

Pesdjet III Music from The Nine (Portals 1-9) helps you find your spiritual balance. As you, as a human being, balance yourself from the soul, its light and wisdom enhances your spirituality and your physicality so they become one. The music supports this journey.

Pesdjet music helps your body’s nine spiritual portals open as the music flows. As the music aligns with your soul, it creates spiritual growth and development, which reflects into your physical body as you become aligned to receive the wisdom of this music that helps you evolve as a human being. The sound, energy, and vibration of the music, are aligned with the Nine Forces of Nature. Pesdjet is an ancient word that refers to The Nine.

Music from Pesdjets II and III is played throughout our Practices page.

xxxxxxxxxxxx Length
Pesdjet III Music from the Nine (all nine pieces)
1:15:04 $9.99
01. The Beauty of Infinite Love – Portal 1
8:33 $1.50
02. Create with Movement – Portal 2
8:33 $1.50
03. Like a Light Beam – Portal 3 (short)
7:38 $1.50
04. Bright Quiet Deep – Portal 4
8:21 $1.50
05. Wave of Peace – Portal 5 (short)
7:31 $1.50
06. Resonance of Love – Portal 6
9:27 $1.50
07. The Magic is You – Portal 7
8:16 $1.50
08. Every Feeling – Portal 8 8:30 $1.50
09. Silky Air and Sound of Light – Portal 9
8:20 $1.50


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