Pesdjet VI Breathe with Your Soul – Guided Meditation with Alan Sheets

Meditation by Alan Sheets July 2012
Music composed May 2012 by: Alan Sheets, Siska Tovey, Siv Roland
Music performed by Siv Roland

Evolution happens when you can find and sustain a more spiritual way of being. The connections of the physical body to the spiritual body created in Pesdjet V allow your physical body to begin moving toward your spiritual body. Spiritually guided evolution is a conscious, body-based process of moving your physical body into alignment with your spiritual body. The music of the last meditation in this series, Pesdjet VI Breathe with Your Soul, guides you along this path. The portal order of the pieces that you will be listening to on Pesdjet VI is 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9.

Continuing Your Practice

When you complete the series, you can begin again with Pesdjet II. Each time you move through all nine portals, your physical body will be more spiritually aligned, and more able to repeat the sequence. Picture yourself moving up an ever-expanding spiral of growth and evolution with each completion.

The Pesdjet Guided Meditation series prepares and supports your physical body so you can begin the process of developing a deep and lasting relationship with your spiritual body and soul. These 90-minute meditations help you to align your physical body with your spiritual body, creating a physical pathway to spiritual transformation.

In order to attain and keep a spiritual balance, it is important to complete a Pesdjet meditation in one sitting because each meditation includes working with all nine spiritual portals. When you experience all nine, you are more likely to achieve a state of being where you are more aligned with your spiritual nature. This allows you to begin the process of living your daily life from this state of being.

We invite you to listen to Alan Sheets, cofounder of New Equations, reading the introduction for Pesdjet VI. You may like to close your eyes while listening to the words and music of the introductions. We also offer a free illustrated meditation guide.

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Pesdjet VI Breathe with Your Soul – Guided Meditation with Alan Sheets
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