Pesdjet VIII Music from One Universe – All There Is Aligned Symphony (Portals 1-9)

Performed by Siv Roland
Composed November 2012 by: Siska Tovey, Siv Roland, Alan Sheets

Pesdjet VIII Music from One Universe – All There Is Aligned Symphony  (Portals 1-9) is music to help you move in oneness with all there is and who you are. Being one with someone else has the potential magic of growth and development. This music supports the process of evolving as one as a wave of dolphins. The symphony was composed at Kealakekua Bay, a wildlife protected area on the Big Island of Hawai’i, USA. The photo was taken by Bryce Groak at the bay.

Pesdjet music helps your body’s nine spiritual portals open as the music flows. As the music aligns with your soul, it creates spiritual growth and development, which reflects into your physical body as you become aligned to receive the wisdom of this music that helps you evolve as a human being. The sound, energy, and vibration of the music, are aligned with the Nine Forces of Nature. Pesdjet is an ancient word that refers to The Nine.

Pesdjet VIII offers a piece of music for each of the nine portals, taken from the One Universe – All there is Aligned Symphony. In this way, music for all nine portals can be experienced in about an hour.

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Pesdjet VIII Music from One Universe – All There Is Aligned Symphony (all nine pieces)
01. Shining Colors – Portal 1 (short)
02. Dolphin Movements – Portal 2 (short)
03. Stars and Seastars – Portal 3 (short)
04. Inside a Seashell – Portal 4 (short)
   8:35 $1.50
05. Violet Spirals – Portal 5 (short)
06. Green Rain – Portal 6 (short)
07. Indigo Lightning – Portal 7 (short)
08. Red Leaves – Portal 8 (short)
09. Blue Floating Air – Portal 9 (short)


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