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Siv Roland New Equations Music Tokyo Concert

Yes, it is true and quite amazing: you can evolve in your own lifetime.

You can move toward becoming a Cosmic Human and be more in sync with yourself, your surroundings and the whole universe. We are all spiritual beings with the possibility of expansion every day. We can develop in a way that enhances all life on Earth, and we can create relationship with each other, making us become more of who we are. It is up to you to make this journey. New Equations Body Resonant Music and Guided Meditations are here to help you along that path.

We hope you enjoy being on our website: listening to music, looking at the artwork, and reading about it all. What is most important is to start the evolution that is possible through the music, the artwork and the words; and if you are moved to purchase so you can listen to your favorite full-length music and meditations any time, that is wonderful. As we are just opening the site to the public, we would be grateful to receive your suggestions about things we can do to make the website even more fun, interactive and useful.

Our website offers hours of free music in high quality WAV format to listen to; music that is recorded in frequencies and tuning that help the body expand spiritually and physically.  All of this music is also available for purchase and download directly to your computer, in lengths ranging from a few minutes to over an hour, and complete symphonies of up to 10 hours! Besides the well over one hundred samples that are always available for you to listen to, each month we present a full-length streaming feature for you to enjoy in its entirety.

In August and September we are going to compose more music. We do not know what the compositions will sound like since Body Resonant Music is composed in the present moment. Siv will warm up her fingers by playing some scales and we will get our bodies in shape to meet whatever is coming. We have only a vision that it will be music connected to Ancient Egypt, the only other time and place we have found where the knowledge of the Nine Forces of Nature was a part of the culture and used to help people develop. It will be exciting to hear this new music!

Siv, Alan and Siska

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