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Saving in WAV New Equations Body Resonant Music man listening headphonesWhy to Save in WAV

We have found that many music lovers are surprised to learn that all music downloaded from iTunes or Amazon, for example, has had a huge amount of the sound removed from the music – in fact, about 90% of the sound has been removed. You can get an idea of the difference by looking at these figures: 1 hour of a Body Resonant Music WAV file uses about 600MB of storage space, whereas a 1 hour mp3 audio file needs about 60MB of storage space. Music stores remove the sound in order to make small mp3 files which take up less storage space and transfer more quickly onto audio players, such as iPods, smartphones and computers. You can avoid loosing music quality by checking your iTunes, jukebox, or music manager settings to make sure they are keeping your music in WAV.

We recommend that you keep your New Equations Music in its high quality WAV format. This is the same quality as the music on any CD you buy. New Equations Music is played in frequencies that help your body feel music in ways not available any other place in the world.




How to Save Music in WAV on iTunes 

If you use other jukebox or music manager programs, check your settings to make sure your music is not degraded when stored using these programs – many programs, such as Amarra, PureMusic, Decibel or Audirvana, MediaMonkey, Winamp, JRiver or WMP, are designed to play your music in WAV (CD quality music).

If you use iTunes: your music will be automatically changed from WAV audio files into mp3 files unless you change your settings. See easy instructions for doing this below – takes only about a minute.

Note: These instructions are for iTunes version – the instructions may vary slightly if you are running an older version of iTunes.

1. Bring up iTunes on your computer. 

2. If you use a MAC, click on iTunes in the menu bar across the top of the computer; if you use Windows, click or the small icon in the top left corner of your iTunes app.

3. Go to “Preferences” in the drop down menu –

4. Click on “General” (the icon across the top that looks like a light switch) –

5. Where it says, “When a CD is inserted:” click on “Import Settings” –

6. Next to words “Import Using:” change option to “WAV Encoder” –

7. Next to “Setting:” change from “Automatic” to “Custom…” –

8. A “Wav Encoder” menu will appear on the screen –

9. Adjust “Sample Rate” to 44.100 KHz –

10. Adjust “Sample Size” to 16 bit –

11. Leave “Channel” on “Auto” –

12. Press OK on all three of the menus that are up –



How to Check Your iTunes Settings

To be sure your files are in WAV format, do the following after you download:

1. Go to your iTunes music library, or a file (if you made one) for your Body Resonant Music, and highlight one of the Body Resonant Music pieces of music or meditations.

2. On a Mac, hold down “Apple” key (also known as “Command” key) and the letter “i” on your keyboard.

On a PC, hold down the Control (Crtl) key and the letter “i” on your keyboard.

3. A display box will pop up with information written on it. You will want to see / confirm three pieces of information that are posted there: the Kind, Sample Rate and the Sample Size:

– Kind should be: WAV audio file

– Sample Rate should be: 44.100 kHz

– Sample Size should be: 16 bit

If this is what it says, then you know you have great quality.

* This process can tell you this info for any other music you have put in your iTunes library, as well.


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