Embodying the Soul - New Equations for Humanity

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Embodying the Soul - New Equations for Humanity was first released in 1998 as a paperback, and now released as a PDF. It is the second book outlining and documenting New Equations research and discoveries. This 102 page PDF, written by Siska Tovey (formerly Barbara) and Alan Sheets, covers the early years of New Equations discoveries.

Some words from Siska and Alan about Embodying the Soul - New Equations for Humanity:

New Equations research and discovery is ongoing and continuous. As part of our scientific and spiritual documentation, we also want to make available to the public the early copyrighted publications about our work.

Embodying the Soul – New Equations for Humanity, our second book about New Equations research and discovery, will not give you a complete understanding of New Equations. Knowledge about the nine Soultypes has developed far beyond what we were able to understand in 2001 when this book was published. To read about New Equations today, go to our websites NewEquations.com and NewEquationsMusic.com.

Making new discoveries about human beings was magical and challenging at the same time. When you read Embodying the Soul – New Equations for Humanity, you will see that the foundation for New Equations was there from the beginning, even though we did not have a full understanding. There were no reference books, resources, or internet searches, that could help us learn about, or communicate about, our discoveries and observations.

Much of what you read about in this book is undeveloped, but we introduce new discoveries that had not yet been made when we wrote Enneagram of the Body. For example, in Embodying the Soul – New Equations for Humanity, we present information about the body’s alignment to the soul, and use the word Soultype for the first time.

You will see that early in our research we thought it would be fairly easy for people to learn how to Soultype. As we continued with our research, it became clear that learning how to Soultype required a spiritual foundation from all nine Soultypes that we were not able to teach at that time. Our New Equations organization came together in 2015, and simultaneously our first student learned how to Soultype.

Please note that in 2012 Barbara started to publicly use the name Siska, so you will see this change show up in documents around that time.

Our best regards,
Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets
Cofounders of New Equations
September 2020

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