New Equations Benefit Concert at Mt. Fuji - Portals 1-9

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Performed by Siv Roland
Composed November 2012 by Siska Tovey, Siv Roland and Alan Sheets in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

Length: 1 hour 18 minutes 55 seconds

The New Equations Benefit Concert at Mt. Fuji - Portals 1 - 9 was performed for Yamashita Showzen-san, Chief Priest of Echoji Temple, and the 7 Generation Walkers for Peace. Everyone came together at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Japan, for an evening of music, food and rest. Alignment together is what creates music during our concerts. Being connected soul-to-soul through music creates an understanding between us that goes beyond words. Evolving together as new energy and music arrives creates a oneness that makes us move in unison.

Each concert is created in the present moment with the support of everyone in the audience and the nine Forces of Nature. All concerts help to bring to the earth music that is aligned with the universe, as a gift for growth and expansion to all of us, and the concerts contribute by giving music to the universe from earth. We are all one, moving together in alignment with each other and the universe.

[tab name="The Music & You"]How New Equations Music supports you:

New Equations Music helps your body’s Spiritual Portals open as the music flows. As the music aligns with your soul, it helps create spiritual growth and development. Your physical body becomes aligned to receive the wisdom of this music and helps you evolve as a human being. The sound, frequencies, energy, and vibration of the music, are aligned with the nine Spiritual Portals.

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